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20th Dec 2016

#20,000Yoyos Competition Winner 1


So I was meant to annonce the first winner last night but to be honest I was so torn between a couple of entries that I wanted to sleep on it. The quality of entries was absolutely amazing and narrowing it down to one single winner was extremely tough. So with a big drum roll the winner of the first prize is…..Bia Beauty. The reason I went with this one in the end was community and the fact that so many people were talking positively already about the product. It also has massive potential for international growth and the key ingredient which is a founder who is bursting with passion. If I’m totally honest it’s not an area that I know a huge amount about but I look forward to helping to push the business to the next level through the channels that I do know about and sitting down with Tracey Ryan who founded the company to plan our world domination. Who is to say that the next Body Shop can’t come out of Ireland and that Bia Beauty won’t be a household name this time next year. I’ll also do a little interview and share news on the product here over the next year to hopefully see it go from strength to strength. Lets hope more than anything that this bit of cash will help create another large thriving Irish business that goes on to employ a load of local staff and help the economy counce back that tiny little bit more. What an exciting day!

Bia Beauty

Entry for 20,000 yoyos competition on Prezi