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20th Dec 2016

Competition Update


So the competition was only open for 2 weeks but I was blown away by over 200 entries. I couldn’t have possibly guessed just how many people would enter and how much thought and imagination would be put in by the people competing. I had originally said that I would be announcing the 2 winners the day after entries closed but it isn’t physically possible to read through all the business plans, watch the videos and listen to all the pitches in that time. Add in the fact that I’m off for a 7 day action packed trip with Ernst and Young for being nominated for entrepreneur of the year and time is short. I’m actually writing this on the plane somewhere over Greenland on my way to Silicon Valley just before reading through the remaining entries.

So to sum it all up I will be posting the short list of 10 best businesses this weekend and then I’ll announce the winners next Tuesday 26th of June fittingly from the entrepreneurial capital of the world in the Valley. Apologies for the slight delay but I really want to make sure I have considered all the best ideas and given them all the attention that they deserve.