€20,000 Irish Start Up Competition - The Short List [Part 2]


So all the waiting is over and I can now reveal the 2nd short list for the competition. On Wednesday I was happy to announce the first 10 shortlisted for the first prize and now I can share the lucky 10 who are in the final mix for the Twitter end of the competition. All people had to do was send one single tweet which could contain anything they wanted to and include #20000yoyos. It really was a great chance for people to get creative and I had a really hard job getting it down to the final 10. You can see all of the tweets down below and as always I'd love as much feedback as possible. I'll be announcing the final winner for this one on Sunday so if you are one of the ideas best of luck to you. It's also important to remember that if you are not shortlisted it doesn't mean that you have a bad your idea as you only had one tweet to convey it and I am leaning towards businesses that I think I'll be able to help and that will grow to be large businesses that employ lots of Irish people. You may notice that there are some duplicates from people who were smart enough to submit to both competitions but each competition will be judged on it's own merits. Good luck.

Short List


I don't have tons to go on here in the judging so just like the other competition the more feedback from independent third parties (I can see lots of people are leaning on friends in the other competition and that is not what I am after) you can give me the better. Be critical of the ideas or share some positive feedback, it will all help in the end.

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