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Regular foodie readers here don't worry this is the last non food post. Back to the reviews from tomorrow onwards!

So after my gas bill and electricity was cut off for about the 10th time in my life and with my car tax constantly out of date I finally decided it was worth getting somebody to help manage my life. The big problem is I spend about 18 hours a day working and all the other little normal things that people do like checking that there is money in their personal account tend to suffer in my life. So I want to hire somebody incredibly smart and super organized to help me run my life. Bit of a weird job description as you can see below but I can promise you a couple of things in that a)it won't be at all dull b)you will learn an absolute ton because you'll be thrown right in at the deep end on some very cool projects. I have some great things on the go but given the fact I am working full time you will end up managing them and interacting with lots of cool projects and people. I'd love somebody straight out of college who is hungry (not literally), ambitious and can get stuff done. If you are a bullshitter or want an easy job where you don't do much don't even waste your time applying. This is going to be a pretty mad job from day 1 but like I said you'll learn a ton and I'll look after you big time if you are good!

Job Description

I tried to make a list of some of the things that you would be doing below. To be honest it will change every single day and you'll have to make a lot of stuff up and learn on the job pretty quickly. In short you could be doing absolutely anything but it would be mostly this sort of work...

Organize flights and accommodation Managing basic personal finances Helping manage my investments and working directly with competition winners Liase with various people in my life Organizing contractors for my house Set up and attend meetings Managing my schedule Business development and sourcing leads for personal projects Make sure my bills are paid, taxes in order and all the other boring things I always forget are done Organize Parties

On top of that rather strange job description you should be....

Bit of a whizz around computers and social media (this is absolutely essential) Super organized Like dogs Be ambitious Be Positive

Basic Information

Working from home office in Ranelagh (your first job will be setting your own office up!!) 9-2 Monday to Friday Possible additional work as it arises (I have no doubt this will quickly turn in to a full time role) Market rates (depends on your experience) for salary and paid weekly Smart phone provided (you'll regret the day I give you the phone though!!)

So if that list of stuff hasn't put you off then why not apply. You can send me something to niall@simplyzesty.com . I'm not in to reading loads of CVs so maybe do something quirky or send me a nice email along with the CV. Try and stand out! If this isn't for you maybe share it with somebody who it might suit?

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