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20th Dec 2016

Introducing Lovin Berlin – Our Newest City


When I started this blog I had no idea what it was going to become. It was a small site that posted restaurant reviews and forced me to eat in more new places and broaden my horizons. Since then things have just sort of snowballed to the point where we have an insanely good team, great products, upcoming events and some other exciting stuff in the pipeline. While Dublin is where our hearts are, the dream has always been to make something much bigger and to replicate what we have achieved in Dublin across other cities. Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our second city… Lovin Berlin.


We’ve been scouting around the world for months now to find the perfect city taking in places as diverse as Las Vegas and London, but after tonnes of research (eating and drinking out!) we just couldn’t look past Berlin. The city is bustling full of amazing food, bars and culture as well as having a large amount of English speakers. Crucially the city has a brilliant start up feel to it just like Dublin, which comes from the large amount of tech businesses based here. Most of all, just like Dublin, the people in Berlin have a special spirit. In Dublin it comes from us not having very much to our names for hundreds of years, whereas in Berlin it comes from the city being divided for decades during the cold war. The result in both cities is that the people are like very few others in the world. Resilient, brilliant, quirky, free thinking and fun. Exactly what our brand wants to be all about.


For the first few months we’ll be focusing on content and helping locals and tourists find the very best things to do in Berlin. The hidden gems. The quirky new spots. The timeless classics. We’ll be doing it all in our normal honest style and building a large community around the site to help with discovery. For fans of Lovin Dublin you’ll know all the things we do and you’ll have a familiar format if you do happen to travel to our 2nd city, and for Berliners we will be engaging with you and getting feedback to help the community grow.


Jump on board and spread the word, this is going to be fun. Lovin Berlin is now live.