Introducing Lovin Dublin Events - A New Way To Find Whats On In The City


We started off as a small blog that had a review a week featuring a popular restaurant. We followed that up with quirky recipes, trends and our second city. Today we roll out a very important new offering and something that will help people discover their city in a new way; we are launching Events. You'll find them on the homepage, and also in their own beautiful section where we'll be focusing on comedy, music, family, food, free, business and theatre.


As you'll see, where we can, we'll have rich media to give you a taste of the event. You'll also find links to buy tickets, and a brief overview of the event. We'd love you guys to help us source and curate the events, so please do feel free to send in as many relevant events as you want. We hope you'll find this a great addition to the site and make it the first point of call when looking for stuff to do in Dublin. Onwards and upwards!