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20th Dec 2016

Introducing #Lovindublin Mini Instagram Reviews


We are always trying to find new ways to deliver content here on the site. The way I think about Lovin Dublin is that only 40% of the content lives here on the site (reviews, recipes etc) but a massive 60% lives and breathes on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Today We want to take that to another level and start providing content that you guys can digest anywhere.

What Mini Reviews Look Like

Reading entire reviews here on the site is great and we’ll continue to push them out at the same rate but you don’t always have time to read a whole review. So this week we started slowly rolling out #Lovindublin mini reviews. They are super short pictures with a small amount of text on Instagram. If you are feeling hungry and fancy a bite around town just fire up the app and browse the reviews.

This Is Your Site Too

While we love reviewing restaurants the fact is the team is small (but growing) and we can only eat so much! We’d love you to start leaving #Lovindublin #minireviews too because the fact is 1000s of people in Dublin eat out every single day. The power is in the community. Simply take a picture, leave a few words and tag it. If you feel up to it leave a mark out of 10 for the dish. We’ll all benefit and better than anything it will keep restaurants honest at all times. A city full of reviewers. All you have to do is follow us and get posting.