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20th Dec 2016

Introducing The New Lovin Dublin International Editor


Things have been moving fast over the last couple of months here at Lovin Dublin towers. What started off as a small personal blog now has a team of 6 working on it, lots of contributors and we are selling 100s of boxes a week as we expand our business model. At the end of the day we are a content site and with traffic exploding, content volume increasing and my spelling getting worse by the day we need a new head honcho on that side of things. We are super excited to welcome Emma today to the team. I’ve known her for a couple of years where she was part of the Entrepreneur of the year team at Ernst and Young and her professionalism always shone through. More than that all she ever wants to do is talk about food when you meet her and she epitomizes the word “foodie” and will be a huge addition to the site. In terms of the “international” in her role…Lets leave that up to your imagination for now but lets also say our growth is such that it would be a massive shame for Dublin to be the only city that benefited from what we are up to. We still have a lot of work to do in Dublin but watch this space…

Emma Kenneally

Emma is seriously passionate about food and has always wanted to have a career in the industry. She is also super organized and will be helping the site grow both in Dublin and further afield as we ramp up our business. She’ll be a huge asset to us and we hope you all welcome her and look forward to seeing the great things she will achieve.
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Emma’s Recipes

Many of you will know Emma as she has been a recipe contributor here for months. Her recipes are often super simple and totally idiot proof (which is what we are all about). Although she’ll be mostly focused on pulling content in from other contributors she’ll also be banging out a load more recipes like these classics she already shared…
1 Minute cheat banoffee
Idiot Proof cheesey sode bread
10 minute pesto pasta
Give her a big welcome and if you want to talk to her about contributing content or anything else you’ll find her [email protected]