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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Dublin Presents Lovin Box 2.0


Back in March we introduced you to Lovin Box, our healthy lunchtime alternative for all you hard working Dubliners. We partnered with some of Dublin’s best restaurants like Pichet, Whitefriar Grill, 777 and Diep Le Shaker but to name a few. Customers simply ordered online on a Monday and picked up their Lovin Box from various pick-up locations around Dublin on a Wednesday. We increased from one consumer day per week to three with corporate delivery after only a few short weeks and even had to hire a full promo team to keep up with demand.

A01 HonestToGoodness ICAD

Lovin Box wasn’t without its faults but for us at Lovin Dublin, having a physical product was a huge step – until then, our community had only ever experienced the brand online. This gave us an opportunity to allow Dubliners to see, feel, taste and encounter Lovin Dublin offline for the first time as well as get behind some amazing restaurants who deserved the spotlight. Lovin Box is a massive part of Lovin Dublin’s brand development.

All- New Direct Supplier, Corporate Model, Daily Lunch Options & 5 Day Delivery Service

I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes for the past few weeks and we’re delighted to announce Lovin Box 2.0 with our new direct supplier and partners Honest To Goodness. Darragh Birkett and Martin Ansbro have 20 years of combined experience in the hospitality sector. They have built such a reputable business over the past 11 years. You might remember them from their first unit in Dun Laoghaire in 2003; in 2005 they moved into the heart of the city in George’s Street Arcade. More recently they’ve set up camp in a huge two storey unit on Dame Court. Honest To Goodness are renowned for their freshly baked breads and honest, clean salads and now have a fully operating restaurant and cocktail bar. This partnership really exploits the natural synergy between LD and HTG, plus having just one supplier per week means we can streamline Lovin Box. We’ve also made some tiny branding alterations.

07 Ground Floor Counter Kitchen Restaurant Dame Court DTA Architects

The second major difference is that Lovin Box 2.0 will be available for corporate orders only. There’s a huge demand here as employers are starting to realise that healthy staff are happy staff and its a premium option which steers clear of soggy sambo platters. Lovin Box can be a great staff treat or the perfect boardroom meeting time-out.


What is most important for you, the customer is that there is consistency with quality of the contents. Honest To Goodness have amazing fresh super foods, breads and salads and the guys will make sure you’ve two dish options (including vegetarian) per day with a rotating weekly menu which will change seasonally to suit the fresh ingredients.


We will deliver to anywhere with Dublin County postal addresses 5 days a week, continuing our partnership with our friends at Wheels Couriers. We will also have a full-time sales rep starting this week who’ll be able to answer any of your queries and start taking orders. Lovin Box 2.0 will be available from the start of next week (28th July).

For further information please email: [email protected]