LovinBox #4 - 777

When we started doing boxes there was one place that we knew we wanted to supply a box and that was 777. It is one of our own favourite places in town and judging by just how busy it is you guys agree too.


They've created a unique box just for our readers and having tasted it we can tell you it is absolutely incredible. We do have more drop up points (increasing every week) but there will be very limited supply of these boxes and we'd expect them to sell out fast. Grab yours now here. And, as an added bonus, one of the boxes will contain a prize for a *very* lucky winner!


Dish Name: Bam Bam del Futura

Spring Pea and Smoked Ham-hock Salad with Chipotle Glazed Prawns, Jalapeño Vinaigrette and Popped Amaranth.




We've decided to go "off menu" and create a dish especially for LovinBox, but still showcase the contemporary Mexican flavours for which 777 has become known. While most of the food in 777 is low-fat, low-carb and gluten-free, we chose prawns as a very low-fat protein and glazed them with one of our signature chipotle sauces. Basing the salad on seasonal spring peas flavoured with ham-hock and mint, we added the South American grain amaranth for extra depth and character. Amaranth is gluten-free and nutrient rich, containing more protein than any of the other gluten-free grains. It is indigenous to South America and was part of the staple diet of pre-Columbian Aztec and Incan cultures until Spanish conquistadors outlawed its cultivation because of its use in religious ceremonies. Now it's back, tanned, rested and ready for action.

Ingredients list

Prawns Spring Peas Ham-hock Tomatoes Tomatillos Onion, Red Onion & Spring Onion Shallots Cucumber Jalapeño Mint Garlic Cumin, Paprika, Epizote, Salt & Pepper Chipotle in Adobo Olive Oil Cider Vinegar Brown Sugar Lime Honey Agave syrup Amaranth

2x Margaritas 1x Tattoo 1x Cucumber-mint shot

Salad comes in two parts: prawns and peas. 3 Solo containers 1- jalapeño vinaigrette 2- popped amaranth 3- cucumber-mint shot

Instructions 1- dress the peas with vinaigrette 2- sprinkle amaranth over everything 3- drink cleanser shot