The one and only Coppers is making its come back!

By Katy Thornton

September 17, 2021 at 2:22pm


This is the feel good Friday news we needed for the weekend!

Over the course of the pandemic we missed out on a lot. Seeing friends and family, celebrating birthdays and weddings. Slowly but surely, we have been able to do these things again - we can even go to a pub without ordering a €9 meal. Progress right! But one thing has been missing, from our hearts, from our souls. Wandering into Coppers at 3am on a Saturday night is the cherry on top of a perfect evening, and we haven't been able to go. Until now.

That's right everyone. The wait is nearly over. Coppers took to Instagram today to announce the exciting news that they will be back October 22nd! That means you have just over a month to wait before you can boogie the night away to the best tunes around.

Keep an eye on their socials for more updates - we know we will!


Header image via Instagram/copperfacejacks

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