The 10 Best Places To Eat Sushi In Dublin

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


You either love or hate sushi. It is raw fish after all and maybe not to everyone's taste but if like me you are passionate about it and would eat it every single day of the week, then this is the list for you. I've written about sushi a few times in Dublin and this list has always been one of the most requested but the truth is finding 10 great spots to fill it with and making sure the content was top notch is way harder than other lists. What struck me most was that there is a serious need for better sushi in the capital. Something a little higher end because the punters are clearly willing to pay for it. Don't ever get stuck for great sushi again with these top 10 places to eat sushi in Dublin…


I always tend to think of this place as somewhere to go and get really drunk, sing karaoke and eat bento boxes. If you do come during the day they have some wonderful sushi with very unusual toppings.

9.Izakaya George's Street

Either upstairs or down in the basement you will get some awesome sushi. Huge team of chefs make it upstairs along with great dumplings and other Asian treats.

8.Kokoro Sushi

Over on Liffey Street Street this is a super little Sushi spot that has a big focus on takeaway.


7.Yo Sushi

They are a big UK chain with outlets in Dundrum and just beside Brown Thomas in town. Although we'd always champion the independent in Dublin, you have to say that their sushi is well worth making the list. Pick what you want from conveyor belts but do watch what you eat as you can easily tally up a huge bill in here.

6.Tippenyaki Rathmines

Probably not a place you would expect to get great sushi (they do all the fancy tricks like flipping an egg into their hats etc) but their boats make a great excuse to get a gang together and eat great sushi.

5.J2 - IFSC

This place is that funny little building that is down on the quays beside the IFSC and that you probably would never think of visiting unless you worked down there. The good news is that their sushi is awesome and perfect for a lunchtime snack.



The first of two sister restaurants on the list (They also own Mushasi) and a great new addition to Camden Street. Really good value for the food and when you add in the ability to BYOB this is one of the best places for a cheap night out and heaps of gorgeous sushi.

3.Yamamori - Ormond Quay

Serve great sushi in all their places (couple more on George's Street) but this one rates highest for us. Not sure why as they are probably using the exact same fish and techniques but probably has something to do with the nice dark atmosphere and friendly service.

2.Michie Sushi

Started off as one little place down an alleyway in Ranelagh but they have been on a massive expansion push lately with a bunch of new premises. If anything this shows just how popular sushi is becoming in Dublin.



Located on Capel Street (which is fast becoming one of the best streets in Dublin for food options) this is a brilliant spot to get quality and really affordable sushi. While most places make you feel like you need a mortgage to eat there and you choose dishes based on price that isn't the case here. BYOB in the evenings for an added bonus to keep costs down and have a sushi party.

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