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21st Sep 2019

10 Japanese Foodie Spots In Dublin To Soak Up Some Culture Ahead Of The Rugby World Cup

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

1. Yamamori Izakaya

I’m sure you’ve eaten in one of the Yamamori branches at some point in your life but let me tell you a secret. The Yamamori Izakaya Sake Bar on George’s Street is by far the best of all.

They specialise in unfussy Japanese food.

They serve a sushi and Japas menu which is like Japanese tapas but the portion sizes are bigger than expected and the food is honestly best in class.

Try the duck soba noodles – it’s probably the tastiest noodle bowl I’ve had in Dublin to date. A fellow Lovin employee also swears by the rainbow sushi platter.

2. Nunki Tea House

Nunki Tea House opened at the start of the summer and it’s the most darling spot for a cup of tea or bubble tea.

Along with tea in precious Japanese porcelain cups, they serve delicious sweet treats including a classic bubble tea waterfall cake.

It’s a really cute spot, deffo worth a visit.


SISU opened earlier this year on Stephen Street and has quickly become one of my fave spots for lunch.

The contemporary style venue is dark inside, lined with bamboo shoots and neon lights. They serve a daily bento box for a tenner – great value and really high-quality food.


4. Banyi

Banyi will provide you with a night of Japanese craft and cuisine.

Located on Abbey Street they serve up handmade sushi, fresh sashimi and a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, try their sushi masterclass and tasting menu.

During the class, you learn how to make your own crab rolls, having a few bants and learning about the delish food you’re about to sink your teeth into for the evening.

After all the action, the evening turns into a chilled vibe as you move to your own private table for a five-course meal.

The menu is broken up into different strands, going through the motions of Japanese delights, mostly focusing on seafood and tempura.

It’s ideal for two, there’s two options for each course so you get to try everything on the menu.

5. The Ramen Bar

The Ramen Bar can be found on South William Street, right in the heart of the city. They serve ramen (of course) as well as appetizers, buns and baos.

Ramen is a bowl of happiness. You’ve got all the good stuff – meat, veg, carbs and a broth and it’s not too unhealthy either. The ramen is super delicious with huge portions.

The atmosphere in The Ramen Bar is exactly what I look for. You can chat away and chill out.

6. Ashai

Ashai is located by the canal on Charlemont Street. It’s one of the bigger sushi venues in the city, it’s got a long table that’s ideal for larger groups.

The staff are absolute dotes and the sushi is top-notch.

Try Dynamite – Prawn tempura, avocado and spicy box sauce.

7. Tippenyaki

Tippenyaki is where you’ll bag yourself some truly dreamy sushi, and if you’re lucky, a casual knife twirling show.

The staff are incredible, the food is fantastic, as well as being good for you, and the music isn’t half bad either. Can’t really go too wrong.

You will be seated around a square table with a chef in the centre and they will cook the food right in front of you. They might even pull you up to try your hand at tossing some eggs.

8. Zakura

Zakura is great for a cheap date night because it’s BYOB.

From the same owners of Musashi, Zakura is really good value and the sushi is proper delish.

I’m a huge fan of their bento boxes. They come with a toasty bowl of miso soup and are always super tasty.

9. Kimchi Hophouse

This Korean and Japanese gem has been a secret to many for a long time, but with more and more awards decorating the walls, it seems most food lovers in the city are now wise to this spot. Tucked away on Parnell Street, this unassuming restaurant is well worth a visit.

10. Ukiyo

If you really want to soak up some Japanese culture, why not try your hand at karaoke post-feed?

Ukiyo is the most popular place in the city for karaoke and it’s easy to see why – it’s such good craic.

There are three private rooms and over 14,000 songs to chose from. Rooms can hold up to twenty people and come in at €30-60 per hour.