10 Places To Party That Are Absolutely Lit On A Bank Holiday Sunday Night

Tomorrow is technically Sunday, don't forget!

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Nothing gets people quite as excited in Ireland as a bonus day off and some sunshine.

With people at festivals enjoying the sun and feeling good about themselves in general, we thought we'd put together a list of the very best places to head tonight to find that unique party atmosphere.

Round up your mates and head to one of the following...

1. The Back Page 

Great place for watching sport during the day and keeping the session going into the evening.

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2. McGowan's

One of the best known places to party in Dublin. The good thing about this place is that no matter how hard you've been going all weekend, there's always somebody in a worse state than you.

As an added bonus, they've just started serving cocktails too.

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3. Grand Social

A Mecca for the party going and festival set. Great tunes, booze flowing and a late finish makes it a must visit. 

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4. Sophie's 

One for the classier bunch, those of you who like to sip cocktails, get all dressed up and party until late. 

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5. The Jar 

Lovely craft beers, pizza and a terrace upstairs for smoking. Great place to spend the entire evening safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is a day off.

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6. The Shaw 

Much like a music festival, but within the confines of a courtyard. Sip on beers knowing everybody with you is on the same buzz. 

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7. The Marker Terrace 

Head here well before the sun sets and enjoy one of the best views in Dublin while drinking amazing cocktails and enjoying life.

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8. Soder & Ko

Great food, amazing cocktails and a real party atmosphere make it the perfect Sunday night spot. Goes until late.

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9. Dice Bar

So cool without even trying to be. Hang out with all the hip young 'uns in the city and enjoy the buzz post-festival.

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10. The Barge

The place to be when the sun's out, but that's hardly a secret at this stage. Head here for a few pints this evening, or even bring a few sneaky cans of your own. Never dull.

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