15 Unique Places To Book Your Dublin Christmas Party This Year

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


It's that time of the year where a couple of people start asking around the office about the exciting/dreaded Christmas party.

For many, the Christmas party is when you let the shackles off and tell that special someone in the office that you love them, or where after 10 mulled wines you finally tell your colleagues what you really think of them.

Some people start planning these things as early as August, but we think this point in October is a much more realistic time to get your thinking cap on.

Forget about all the boring usual venues and check out these amazing and unique places in Dublin for a party you'll be sure to remember.

1. Teppanyaki

Don't just go to an ordinary restaurant where they serve stuff neatly on plates, instead book into the Teppanyaki spot on Baggot Street and let them entertain you by throwing the food all over the shop as they cook it.

2. Johnny Fox's

Most people think of Johnny Fox's as a bit of a tourist trap, but the reality is that they do amazing meals and a great show in the evenings, so it's not only great craic, but perfect for big groups. Make sure to get a big bus or taxi up and down the mountain though!

3. 25 Fitzwilliam Place

Go super high end by booking out 25 Fitzwilliam Place for a spectacular party that can be tailored to your every whim. Make sure to bring the company card!

4. Private poker tournament

Try something completely different with a private poker tournament for between 10-25 people, along with some private dining in the lush surroundings of the Fitzwilliam Card Club.

5. Croke Park

You probably think the home of GAA only sees the action in the summer, but the team at Croke Park have a bunch of great party options and loads of space to create a unique and memorable experience.

6. Laughter Lounge

Most of the laughs are usually at your colleagues expense at the Christmas Party, but why not get the professionals involved at the Laughter Lounge while sinking a few beers to get you in the mood.

7. A boat

Jump on a boat and have the party of a lifetime as you cruise up and down the canal.

8. Shelbourne Park or Harold's Cross

Grab a table and head down with a gang to have great food, pints, and to bet on the dogs in either Shelbourne Park or Harold's Cross. There's a festive spirit and betting from your table, so as you won't even have to brave the cold.

9. The Cellar Bar

Get away from it all down in The Cellar Bar in The Church, where they can dress the room up any way you want and where your team can go wild during one hell of a party.

10. Kitchen In The Castle

Book a day in the 'Kitchen In The Castle', which is a cookery school in the unique setting of Howth Castle and which has a whole bunch of courses set up especially for Christmas.

11. The Red Cow Hotel

The Red Cow Hotel take special pride in all of their Christmas parties. With plenty of bars and rooms to stay overnight, it could be the perfect out of town spot.

12. The Guinness Connoisseur Experience

Enjoy a private tasting in The Guinness Connoisseur Experience, which is their secret bar and the most exclusive Guinness tasting experience in the world. One for taking some non-Irish guests to.

13. Odessa

It might be the middle of winter, but with the rooftop terrace, brilliant outdoor heating and a super team of chefs, you can rent the entire floor and have an epic winter BBQ on the top floor of Odessa.

14. Private cinema

Rent your own private cinema for up to 20 people, bring your own food and drinks, and enjoy a Christmas classic to get you in the mood. It makes for a private, but really nice, experience.

15. If all else fails, a 12 pubs of Christmas

Just pack everybody up on a bus to the top of Camden Street and complete our very own 12 Hipster Pubs Of Christmas. Definitely one for those who forget to plan anything at all.

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