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20th Dec 2016

150 Of The Most Incredible Things To Eat And Drink In Dublin


We painstakingly make lists of the best things to eat, drink and do in Dublin. We release one a week and people use them as a resource to explore their city. Over the last few months tons of people having been asking us to put them all in one place so as they can point visitors to them and scan through them quickly themselves. Well the good news is that day has come and you now have 15 lists featuring 150 items to eat and drink your way around Dublin with. You’ll probably end up being one serious fat bastard but at least you’ll be eating the best the capital has to offer. Go on…get cracking…

The Best Steak

People get pretty passionate when they are talking about steak and the brilliant restaurants on this list have made an art form out of cooking brilliant beef. Some cheaper spots, couple of nice brasseries and some super high end spots too. Can’t go wrong with any of these steaks.
See the full list here.


The Best Burger

Burgers come in lots of shapes and sizes around the city with some being so big that you can’t fit them into your mouth right down to smaller more elegant burgers. Something for everybody on this list.
See the full list here.


The Best Sushi

Sushi has not always been widely available in Dublin but over the past couple of years as our tastes have changed and demand has risen there have been numerous spots popping up all over the city that specialize in this super healthy way of eating.
See the full list here.


The Best Burrito

The burrito craze swept the city over the last couple of years and there is a strong scene here with some incredible tasting Mexican treats. Mainly preferred by most at lunchtime there isn’t a corner of the city where you won’t find a great burrito these days.
See the full list here.


The Best Sandwich

Out of all the lists that we have created on the site this is the one that threw up the most debate. The vast majority of us have a sandwich for lunch pretty much every single day so finding the best one in the city was tough. You could eat any of these 10 and be in heaven instantly.
See the full list here.


The Best Chicken Wings

Being honest I had no idea just how popular chicken wings were in the capital but after getting over 12k shares on Facebook this was our most popular list ever. Lots of debate still raging on but if you want a dirty big basket of wings this is the list for you.
See the full list here.


The Best Cocktail

With the cocktail scene exploding all over the capital and us Dubliner’s all looking for a little but more sophistication in our drinking habits this list is exactly what you are looking for. We’ve moved on a long way from a simple “sex on the beach” right through to some super high end bar tenders making awesome drinks.
See the full list here.


The Best Pulled Pork

With a couple of BBQ joints popping up in the last year this has been the trend that has been sweeping the city of late. You can now get pulled pork in all shapes and sizes but if you want the best of the best then you’ll want to work your way through this amazing list.
See the full list here.


The Best Gluten Free

People seem to be changing their diets to avoid gluten at all costs and although not all restaurants do a great job at catering to their needs these are 10 of the very best from around the capital where you wouldn’t even notice you were eating gluten free.
See the full list here.


The Best Coffee

Another seriously debated topic is coffee. Most of us have at least one cup a day and given that it is often the fuel that gets us going people are always going to have their favorite spots around the city. Coffee culture is improving massively in this city and these are the best cups we have to offer in Dublin.
See the full list here.


The Best Places To Work With Free WIFI

With the way we work starting to change and more people able to work remotely or away from the office there is a huge need for cafes to provide WIFI. Not all of them do but if you are looking for a place to spend a couple of hours working in the capital these are some of the best spots.
See the full list here.

The Best Places For For Brunch

Brunch is becoming as important as going to mass for most people in Dublin and a while host of spots are popping up to satisfy out weekly pilgrimage to all things egg, cocktail and pork. The standard is on the up but you’ll do well to find better than these spots..
See the full list here.


The Best Places For Craft Beer

The craft beer explosion continues across the capital with micro breweries, craft beer pubs and even the large venues all putting a focus on the movement and serving up better beers by the day. Here are some of the very best the capital has to offer.
See the full list here.


The Best Place To Have Cake In Dublin

After you’ve finished with all those main courses, coffees, beers and other great food you’ll want something sweet. There haven’t always been great cakes shops in Dublin (well not a huge volume of them) but these ones won’t let you down.
See the full list here.