The Ultimate To-Do List: 18 Dublin Brunch Dishes You Need To Try

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There can be little doubt about it: brunch is hands-down the best meal of the week.

Not only is it enjoyed mostly at the weekends – meaning we associate it with good, relaxed, carefree times – but it also features ridiculously large portions and makes it socially acceptable to drink alcohol in the mornings. Add in the fact that the majority of the menu features tasty pork, the prices are cheap and everybody is in good form and you've really got the perfect mix.

With Dublin brunch options improving all the time we thought we'd put together a new list of the most exciting things you simply have to try this weekend and into 2017 in general. Get drooling...

1. Farmer Browns – The Farmer Burger

Sometimes you just feel like a dirty big burger to clear the night before, and this one hits the spot.


2. BEAR – Sputino Egg

A restaurant known for their meat, but this is a delicious and interesting take on brunch. Just like their whole menu, it's full of invention and wonder.


3. Herbstreet – Blueberry Pancakes

No better place to hit at the weekend to get a nice big stack of pancakes.


4. Hatch And Sons - The Breakfast Blaa

It's all about the traditional Waterford bread that makes for a killer brunch experience.


5. Soulful Bistro – The Fry Up

Nearly everywhere offers a version of the humble old fry-up, and this is one of the very best in the city.


6. San Lorenzo's – Coco Pops French Toast

Comes with salt caramelised bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone whipped cream, Belgian chocolate sauce. You'll probably have to go back to bed after this.


7. The Butchers Grill – Baby Back BBQ Ribs

You'll probably want a clear enough head, because dealing with the mess of eating ribs with a hangover is not advised. They are absolutely divine.


8. Slice Café – Homemade stewed beans, sausage, sourdough toast with poached eggs

A gorgeous clean take on brunch, washed down with some of their home-pressed juices – you're in for a huge treat.


9. The Fumbally – Eggs With Avocado

An absolute classic that relies on simplicity and quality, and delivers every time.


10. Super Miss Sue – Bacon Sambo With Chips And Homemade Ketchup

Nothing fancy about the description but the quality of the bacon, the bread and most of all the homemade sauce (which we named top of our list of best sauces and dips in Dublin) makes this an incredible experience.


11. The Exchequer – Sunday Roast For Four

Has to be ordered in advance but at €50 including a bottle of wine, this is as finely as you can possibly eat on a Sunday.


12. The Old Spot – The Sunday Roast

Another roast, and you only have to look at this one to see how incredibly good it is. World-class.


13. Whitefriar Grill – Belgian Waffles

The champions of brunch in so many ways, you could pick any of their dishes but this one is on the sinful end of things! Gorgeous.


14. House Howth – Chili Crab Cake

With poached egg, crispy Connemara ham, chilli jam, asparagus and hollandaise. Stacked high and full of flavour.


15. WUFF – Eggs Benedict

Another staple on the menus of most brunch places, but the fact that they serve theirs on brioche gives them the edge.


16. Bibis – Roast Butternut Squash

Poached eggs, garlic yoghurt, coriander and chilli butter. An exciting dish for the veggies out there who often feel they are missing out when eating brunch.


17. Coppinger Row – Morrocan Eggs

With sausage meatballs, roast red pepper, mint yogurt and sourdough toast. One of the great dishes in Dublin.


18. The Greenery – Chicken Quesadilla

A place that does an epic brunch trade and is always buzzing. Grab one of these for something completely different and enjoy the mad flavours.


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