5 New Restaurants You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Give us all of the foods please!

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It doesn't seem that a day goes past at the moment without a new restaurant, cafe or bar opening in Dublin. While the recovery may be taking a little longer to filter into the rest of the country, there is no doubt things are booming between the two Dublin canals.

As always we want to keep you on top of everything new happening in the city, and with a fresh new pay-cheque in your bank account here are some top spots where you can splash the cash. 

We're absolutely drooling here...

1. Heron And Grey

A gorgeous new little restaurant in the heart of Blackrock that has just opened, and is getting rave reviews. Head there for dinner before the buzz gets too big!

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2. Richmond

Open a little while now and starting to get some serious buzz not only about their dinner menu, but especially their brunch. Well worth making a night of it and grabbing a table for a few of you.

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3. Union 8 

A new neighbourhood style joint in the heart of Dublin 8. The proprietors have had time to find their feet after the madness of opening a new restaurant. Pop down for some top notch grub.

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4. Pupp

We told you about Dublin's first ever dog cafe opening last week, you can either bring your own pooch or pop in to meet loads of friendly puppies. Super lunch and brunch options on the menu here.

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5. Two Cooks 

So the last one on our list is actually in Kildare which breaks our own rules about being in Dublin. However, the word on the street is that Two Cooks are doing something seriously groundbreaking, and this has the food reviewers fighting tooth and nail to get a booking. Worth a very special trip!

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