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17th Jul 2019

Five Of The Best Post Night Out Meals To Devour In Dublin

Brian Dillon

The lights come on, the music stops and everyone heads for the cloakroom. Before hopping in a taxi to head home and dive into bed, you have one thing on your mind: what grub you’re going to devour after your night out.

Some might argue that the food at the end of your night out is the best part. And those people would be correct. To be honest, when I’m dancing away or queueing at the bar, I’m secretly planning where I’m going to go for soakage after.

Here are some top picks for food that will hit the spot after you’ve finished your night of boogying.

3-in-1 from Charlie’s

A 3-in-1 is just the kind of sloppy grub we need after a night out. It’s nothing gourmet, but it does the job perfectly when we need it.

A kebab from Babylon

Honestly, what can beat a kebab after a night on the drink? It’s fierce messy, and you probably won’t look too pretty eating it. But by a certain stage of the night, you don’t really care, do you?

A burger from Supermac’s

It’s simple and it does the job. Other chains like McDonald’s and Burger King do be jammed come about 2 am. But Supermac’s never seems to be, and we would love it to stay that way. It’s a classic and we will always love it.

A chicken fillet roll from Spar

Nothing beats a classic. No matter what time of the day or night, whether you’re calling it breakfast, lunch or dinner, a chicken fillet roll will sort you out. The Spar on George’s Street, also known as ‘Gay Spar’, is open 24 hours for all your chicken fillet roll needs.

A slice of pizza from DiFontaine’s

A slice doesn’t sound like a lot, but these are some big slices of pizza and will fill you up so you’re all snug and ready for bed.