7 Dublin cafés to check out that stay open late

By Katy Thornton

November 29, 2023 at 12:18pm


Sometimes an evening coffee is a must.

Our fair city has an abundance of many food and drink offerings - pizzerias, burrito bars, donut shops. However, something Dublin is lacking in are cafés that open late.

Whether it's the effect of covid lockdowns, that drove a lot of these spaces to adjust opening hours, or close altogether, there are very few coffee spots that stay open past 4pm, which is a shame for those looking for a caffeine fix or a warm place to catch up with friends that don't want to head to the pub. Let's be real, pubs and cafés have very different vibes

We have collated a list of some Dublin cafés that do stay open late, or at least, operate until at least 6pm (and as late as 11pm for some spots).

The Music Café

Wellington Street 

One of the latest opening cafés in Dublin is The Music Café, based on Wellington Street. This artistic culture hub is a cosy space to head to for a warm drink in the early evening, when you're just not feeling a tipple.

You will find them in operation until 8pm Monday to Thursday, until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 7pm on Sundays.


Dawson Street 

One of the cutest coffee spots in the city centre also stays open into the early evening. Beanhive are known for their inventive latte art that goes far beyond what most coffee lovers are used to, and is often teeming with people getting their caffeine fix.

While this spot closes at 6pm Sunday to Friday, and 6:30pm on Saturdays, it's as late as you're likely to find in this part of the city.


Two Fifty Square


Good news for D6 dwellers, as Two Fifty Square have decided to make their late opening hours permanent following a successful trial period. The coffee is all roasted on-site, and they offer micro lot coffee, retail coffee, coffee gear, as well as Green Beards juices, and a pour-over station, as well as delicious grilled sambos.

Now you will find their doors open between 7:30am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am and 7pm on weekends.


Talbot Street 

Brazilian café Recanto, based on Talbot Street where Esquire Coffee used to be, officially opened for business in March of this year.

What sets Recanto apart from other Dublin cafés is not only that they stay open late, they're also relatively affordable compared to other spots in the city centre.

If you're in desperate need of a warm non-alcoholic drink, Recanto opens until 8pm daily.


Mind The Step

Strand Street Great

A truly unique venue in Dublin city centre for a late night coffee is Mind The Step.

This café doubles as a dance studio, with a space for coffee drinkers on the ground floor, and two rooms for dancing in the mezzanine and the basement.

Mind The Step opens their doors until 9pm on Mondays, until 11pm Tuesday through to Saturday, and until 8pm on Sundays, ideal when you need a late night catch up with pals but don't want to venture into a pub.

Il Valentino

Grand Canal Street 

Il Valentino is an adorable Italian bakery on the corner of Gallery Quay, a relatively small space that opens daily until 7pm for coffee, pastries, and sandwiches.

It's not the latest opening café about, but you will have enough time post work to grab an espresso if you have evening plans but are wrecked from a day in the office. Plus their baked goods are the best you will find in this part of Dublin.


Tea Garden

Ormond Quay 

If coffee ain't your thing, but you're searching for a late night café style venue, Tea Garden on Ormond Quay fits the bill.

Operating for 15 years in the city centre, it's a shisa bar as well as a tea room, serving 40 varieties of tea in six unique rooms.

The best part? Tea Garden opens Sunday to Thursday until 10pm, and as late as 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Header images via Instagram / Two Fifty Square & / Recanto 


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