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22nd Jul 2018

Adventurous With Food? These Are The 11 Most Unusual Dishes In Dublin

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

There’s always one person in the group – They never order the same thing twice, they choose the most out-there dishes and they just adore trying weird and wonderful ingredients and flavours.

If this sounds like you and you’re only dyin’ to find some new, crazy dishes to munch on, this list is perfect for you.

Time to give those taste buds a tickle:

1. Coddle Pizza – Clontarf Baths

Coddle is an infamous Dublin delicacy but have you ever had it on a pizza?

The Baths in Clontarf have created this crazy dish and people are going wild for it.

Now it might sound a little strange to have coddle on a pizza but it is actually surprisingly tasty. The pizza is topped with mozzarella, Guinness sausage, organic bacon, potato, parsley and a mustard, honey glaze – Can’t go wrong with any of those.

2. Blue Latte – Cracked Nut

So I know this isn’t a dish per se, but this has to be on the list.

This bright blue latte is made from live algae lemon, ginger, agave and almond milk. It’s full of the good stuff so if you’re in the mood for a weird and wonderful health kick, you need to try this.

They also have some other pretty crazy colours to try.


3. Lobster Nachos – Klaw

So nachos aren’t that unusual but mixing those flavours with lobster – Definitely only suited to a certain taste.

Personally, I adore seafood so this dish is right up my street but I can see how it might not suit everyone.

Screen Shot 2018 04 11 At 11 53 47

4. Seafood Lasagne – Fishbone

Another seafood dish taking inspo from a classic Italian delicacy.

This beauty is made from Howth lobster, scallops, tiger prawns, organic salmon, kafir leaf and bisque cream sauce.

5. Chocolate Olive Oil Cake – Host

This dark chocolate cake comes with a pretty strange dressing but the oil gives it an interesting taste and texture.


6. Oyster Shot – 777

It’s like a Bloody Mary with a fishy surprise.

This one is pretty out there and deffo not for the faint hearted. It’s salty, bitter and you need to really chug it back to swallow that oyster.

Bottoms up!

7. Crispy Lamb Tongue – Fade Street Social

With mint gribiche sauce, a warm pea and broad bean salad and a lamb stock.

Sure look, you’ve got to try it.

8. Hake In Banana Leaf – Saba

This unusual dish is full of flavour and colour.

The hake is wrapped and cooked in banana leaf and then it is cut open and filled with gorge red curry sauce.

It’s a big step from ordering a spice bag when you visit Saba.

9. Brown Bread Ice Cream – Murphy’s

Caramelised brown bread ice cream is on of the best flavours made by Murphy’s.

You’ve got to try it.

10. Duck Brain – Hang Dai

When you order duck from any given restaurant it usually looks the same. Hang Dai however, take the presentation of this dish to a whole new level by serving it head and all, no literally, you can still see its beak.

This gives you the chance to taste duck brain, yum!

11. Goat Kidneys – Assassination Custard

With seasoning, spice and everything nice.

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