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Bach 16 On The Quay Does a Gorgeous Cheeseboard With a View of The Liffey

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Walking around the city and fancy a bit of cheese?

Bach 16 on Bachelor’s Walk is close to the centre of it all, but a calming view of the Liffey (*glistening* in the sun today) makes it a mini-escape from the mayhem.

Oftentimes a cheeseboard can be like a game of roulette, you’re happy out with your bries and your cheddars until you sink your teeth into something rank.

The cheeseboard at Bach 16, an assembly of Irish produced cheeses, holds no such surprises. And friendly waiters with extensive wine knowledge will happily describe each bottle until you find the one that you’re craving.

If a cheeseboard isn’t your thing, but you still want to mark the *very important* day – Bach 16 has a range of pizzas where cheese is centre-stage. Try the Pear and Blue Cheese with Cranberries and walnut Gourmet Thin & Crispy pizza, if you prefer stronger flavours.

If you’re feeling less adventurous, they also have a whopper cheese toastie with caramelised onion, or extra cheesy bruschetta.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote, ‘You could be sitting on the Seine in Paris or on the canals of Amsterdam’ and we would tend to agree.


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