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18th Sep 2018

Top 10 Places In Dublin That Serve Fricken’ Deadly Chicken

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Chicken is a reliable favourite, a safe option for when you’re not in the mood to pick something you might not like.

It never fails, it’s always delish!

Plus it’s usually a shared favourite. My roommates are very picky eaters but I know if I bring them somewhere with chicken, they’ll be happy.

Thing is, when it’s done right, there’s no beating it so finding a place that knows how to cook a good-ass chicken is key.

Here’s some of our top picks.

1. Fowl Play

Some of the most delish chicken you’ll ever try – no batter or breadcrumbs needed, the seasoning is beyond perf.

Cooked on a wood-fired rotisserie, grill and smoker, it’s unbeatable.

2. Crackbird

You and your mates are arguing over somewhere to eat, it’s hard to satisfy everyone but Crackbird is an ol’ favourite. It’s reliable – you know exactly what you’re in for.

Tasty AF.

3. Nando’s

An obvious choice.

4. Mad Egg

Some of the tastiest chicken burgers ever.

The Honey Butter burger is up there as one of my top dishes in Dublin.

5. Camden Rotisserie

Locally sourced chicken with your favourite sauce, sumptuous sides and something sweet to top it all off.

6. Wishbone

Chicken wing heaven.

7. Jo’ Burger

Chicken Burgers with all kinds of toppings.


8. Elephant And Castle

Probably the tastiest wings in the city.

There’s just something about them.

9. Just Wing It

The boneless buffalo wings from here are a must.

10. TriBeCa

Chicken never tasted so good.

Time to dig in!

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