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20th Dec 2016

Bro, Do You Even Bao? The 4 Best Places To Get Steamed Buns In Dublin


Dublin has begun to become a little bit obsessed with ‘bao’ recently. Firstly you need to know that the pronunciation of bao rhymes with ‘wow’, secondly – it is frickin’ delcicious.

Asia has brought us a mouth-watering new way to consume carbs, a dish so tasty, in fact, that it almost makes up for the distress caused by ‘Gangnam Style’. Some could say that this steamed bread is the best thing since sliced bread.

So prepare yourselves, here are the 4 best steamed buns in all of Dublin…


Bread & Bones

Bread and Bones is the new kid on the block but has caused quite a stir with their fun branding and clever marketing recently. They have a great selection of steamed buns to choose from, our favourite being the roast pork belly bao with crushed peanut, pickled apple, shredded lettuce, pickles and hoisin sauce. Gamechanger.

Location: Millenium Walkway, D1.

Mak at D6

Ordering the Char Sui Bun at Mak is a must. Chinese style BBQ pork cooked in a rich sweet-and-sour marinade served on the fluffy white bao. If you’re sharing you can also order Char Sui pork bun sliders. Although if you manage to share these, fair play because you’re a better person than I am.

Location: Charleston Road, Ranelagh, D6.

Soder + Ko

The culinary gods over at Soder + Ko have done it again by putting a western twist on this traditional Asian dish. They’ve cleverly taken the bao and brunch trends and married the two ideas by offering up a mouth-watering selection of steamed brunch buns on weekends. Try their unusual version of the classic Eggs Benedict with a runny egg, crispy bacon, sausage and their signature house sauce on a freshly steamed bun. Divine!

Location: 64 South Great George’s Street, D2


We recommend ordering the steamed Chinese buns at Ukiyo. These homemade buns are incredibly light and perfect for lunch or even as a starter. They come filled with pulled pork, fresh asian slaw, crispy shallots and sriracha sauce. The spiciness of the sriracha sauce and the sweetness of the bao make for a heavenly combination.

Location: 7-9 Exchequer St, D2.

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Once you go bao, you never go back!

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