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07th Jun 2024

40 dog-friendly places to bring your pooch in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

We all grew even more attached to our furry friends over the past two years, and now the thought of leaving them at home now is less appealing than ever.

Over the past few years, many of us have rightfully become more reluctant than ever to leave our dogs behind when we head out on adventures.

Out for coffee? The dog’s coming. Heading to a comedy show? The dog’s coming. In the office for the day? The. Dog’s. Coming. Luckily, the list of dog-friendly spots in Dublin is always growing, and there are loads of places that would be only delighted to see you and your pupper out on the town!  Here are a few of our favourites…


East Road Café

East Road Café is located in East Wall. Keep up with them via Instagram.

You’ll find East Road, as the name might suggest, on the East Road, where it serves up tasty lunchtime dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. With great veggie offerings and reasonable prices, East Road also has an open door policy when it comes to doggos, so there’s no need to leave Rover, Rex or any of the crew behind. In fact, they regularly organise fundraisers together with My Lovely Horse Rescue, rallying together with the local community to ensure as many funds possible are raised for pups in need.

Park Lane Deli

Park Lane Deli is located in Chapelizod – Get a sense of the place via their Instagram.

Toasties, açai bowls and speciality coffee from Silverskin Roasters await pup owners at this Phoenix Park-adjacent spot. Not only is it ideally located for your post-Sunday stroll flat white, it’s also exceptionally beautiful inside with deep red walls and shelves adorned with wines and preserves from Irish vendors. Come for the coffee, stay for the stunning surrounds. And most importantly, bring your dog along for the ride.

Two Boys Brew

Two Boys Brew is located in Phibsboro – keep up with them via Instagram.

Inspired by the Australian café scene, this North Circular Road spot regularly tops best-brunch-in-dublin lists and is a great place to bring four-legged friends. Two Boys Brew is synonymous with brunch in Dublin, with the waft of speciality coffee and creamy mushrooms hitting you as soon as you walk in the door. Owners Kevin & Taurean opened the spot back in 2015 after being heavily influenced by the Australian café scene, which can be seen throughout the menu and interior. Your pup will dine like a king if you’re generous enough to share some scraps from your plate – TBB is a favourite among foodies all over the city and its unlikely you’ll ever get a bad dish here. The mushroom toast is a must-try, as are the hotcakes if you’re into sweet brunch dishes.


Milo’s is located in Drumcondra, and the TBB Insta page features updates and info about them too.

A sister café to Two Boys Brew, honing in on pastries and treats to ensure a perfect accompaniment to your weekend coffee time after time. This is the perfect place to hit up if your dog doesn’t always go for the idea of sitting quietly under your table for an hour while you chow down on eggs and greens. Just grab your coffee and treat, and head for a saunter along the Royal Canal – everybody wins.

Blas Café

Blas is located on King’s Inns Street – find out more on their Instagram.

You’ll find Blas inside the Chocolate Factory Art Studios in D1, serving up speciality coffees and colourful brunch dishes using the freshest Irish produce. It’s a large, industrial-style space with plenty of room for your doggo, with a casual welcoming vibe inside. Among their many achievements, Blas have also managed to create a coddle that won’t cause non-Dubliners to run a mile in terror – an impressive feat, the results of which are perfect for sharing with your pup.

Ebb & Flow Coffee

Ebb & Flow is located in Clontarf – keep up with them on Instagram.

No better spot to treat yourself and your pup after a stroll by the sea. Toasties, treats, and tasty brews from Full Circle Roasters – it’s what weekends are made for. The interior at Ebb & Flow’s seaside location is bright and welcoming with tasteful attention to detail, and their intricate latte art follows suit. You really do love to see it.

Surge Coffee

Surge is located in Clontarf – keep up with them via Instagram.

Another seaside spot for all your coffee-and-a-treat needs, with natural wine on the go for evening visits and VIP treatment for all furry friends. Surge is located in the same building as a hairdressers so you can enjoy your coffee to the ambient soundtrack of hairdryers whizzing and small-talk flowing, or take yourself out to one of the al fresco tables and enjoy the view. Whatever seating arrangement you decide on, the flat white and toastie combo is unlikely to disappoint. For southsiders, Surge are planning on opening their second location on the Grand Canal very soon – keep an eye on their IG for updates.


Smithfield , more info here

A scroll through the vibrant brunch dishes and geometrically perfect desserts populating Urbanity’s Insta feed will have you fervently planning your next trip to Smithfield, and the good news is you can bring your dog, your parakeet or any other pet for that matter along too.

The Orange Goat

Killester keep up with them via Instagram

Warming lunchtime classics, droolworthy fry-ups and actual tasty salads are the vibe at this Killester spot, all of which you can enjoy as your dog sits by your side, patiently waiting for leftover scraps. On the bar you’ll find artfully poured brews with speciality beans from Cloud Picker, and there’s a lovely outdoor area set beneath a ceiling of fairy lights if that’s your buzz. It’s the kind of local spot you emerge from feeling full and content, and well looked after by the Goat’s attentive staff.

Cloud Café

Cloud Café is located on North Strand Road – keep up with them via Instagram

Another top notch brunch spot with a great community tilt – their veg is sourced from a local community garden and everything is really reasonably priced – a full Irish for €9 in Dublin isn’t easy to come by, folks. Cloud Café also provide beautiful catering spreads for office coffee mornings and the like, as well as occasional yoga classes and other great community events. Most importantly, you can bring your pup with you, so they can demonstrate the origins of downward dog.

Duck Café

Duck café is located in Drumcondra – keep up with them via Instagram

Ducks may dominate the décor but they’re not the only animals welcome at this Drumcondra spot – the red carpet will also be rolled out for dogs of all sizes. If you need proof, just cast your eye to the comments section of their IG posts, where locals will tell you their dogs lead them to Duck’s front door even when the café is closed.


Gravediggers is located in Glasnevin – keep up with them via Instagram

Coddle and cuddles are the order of the day at this historic northside haunt, widely regarded as the best place around for a bowl of the divisive Dublin stew. At the risk of verging into meme territory, Gravediggers is cited so regularly as a vital part of Dublin’s cultural tapestry for a reason. Best of all, you can bring your doggo along to see what all the fuss is about.

Hynes Bar

Hynes is located in Stoneybatter – keep up with them via Instagram

Pups and pawrents alike love kicking back over a pionta or two at this Stoneybatter spot, which is dog and Gaeilgeoir friendly in equal measures. You’re encouraged to order your pint as gaeilge, and if you’ve got a daschund peeping out of your tote bag while you do it, even better. Rumour has it these guys actually pour the mOsT cOnSiStEnT pInT iN dUbLiN – but you didn’t hear that from us.

If you need any more convincing on this spot’s levels of dog friendliness, we recommend a peruse of their Dogs of Hynes Insta highlight – it has the power to brighten up the darkest of days.

The Kings Inn

The Kings Inn is located on Bolton Street – keep up with them via Instagram.

Your honour, can I bring my dog?

This court rules that yes, you can. In fact, they’ll be guest of honour at this Dublin 1 boozer. Let them cosy up by the warm open fire while you tuck into a creamy G or three – that’s bonding at its very finest. The Kings Inn has a great local feel and has been likened to somebody’s living room rather than a pub on the outskirts of Dublin’s fair city. This pub is also lauded for pouring one of the most affordable pints in Dublin with no compromise on quality – take that, cost of living crisis.

Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw is located in Drumcondra – head to their website for info on upcoming events.

If your pupper is one who’d be right at home at a drag brunch or karaoke sesh, this buzzy Drumcondra bar is the perfect place to bring them. With food stalls to fuel your weekends and unique events on nearly every night of the week, we encourage you to pop on your dogs best jumper or bandana before you head along to the Shaw’s Drumcondra HQ – it’s likely they’ll be papped.


Kavanagh’s is located on Aughrim Street in Stoneybatter – keep up with them via Instagram.

Burlesque performances, sing-alongs and all the sports are waiting to entertain you and your canine companion at this Stoneybatter spot. Kavanagh’s interior is freshly renovated while still maintaining a classic Dublin pub feel and they’ve got a great pub grub menu on the go too – it’s a lovely neighbourhood spot, revered for friendly faces behind the bar and reasonable prices by Dublin standards.

The Dog House

The Dog House is located in Howth – keep up with them via Instagram

If the name doesn’t give it away, their Instagram feed should. Located just beside Howth Dart station, The Dog House is a haven for furry friends with a myriad of double beds, armchairs and cosy corners all purpose placed for dogs to settle into. The Dog House is like a cosy tea rooms and great pub all rolled into one – you can get your pinkies out while daintily grasping a china teacup or enjoy a pint and a plate of tacos, all with your best friend by your side. Who we’re assuming is a dog, if you’ve gotten this far into the article.


Shouk is located in Drumcondra – you can keep up with them via Instagram

If you’re looking for an affordable, incredible quality meal in Dublin, foodies around town will be falling over themselves to recommend Shouk to you. Head to this Drumcondra spot for a Middle Eastern feast and cocktails to accompany, all at very reasonable prices and with a dog friendly policy to boot.

The Barber’s Bar

The Barber’s Bar is located in Stoneybatter – keep up with them via Instagram.

Widely considered as one of the most dog-friendly bars in Dublin, The Barber’s is a must for anyone who point blank refuses to leave their pup at home. Inside you’ll find plenty of cosy seats for canines as well as purpose-built dog houses, water bowls and treats flowing. Stop off for a pint and do a bit of schmoozin’ if you want your dog to earn a coveted spot on their wall of fame!

Keegan’s Café

Keegan’s Café is located in Glasnevin – keep up with them via Instagram.

Keegan’s is famous for its hefty breakfast baps and comforting, unfussy lunch dishes. This Glasnevin gem has a loyal cohort of regulars with friendly staff who are always up for a chat. Resident dog Sam dominates Keegan’s social media but if your pup is willing to share the spotlight, they’re welcome in for a visit too.


Network Café

Network Café is located on Aungier Street – keep up with them via Instagram

Network is one of the first city centre cafés I remember seeing polite pugs and terriers sitting between their parent’s knees, patiently awaiting a croissant crumb or rogue slice of fallen bacon. Nowadays there are plenty of places you can bring your pup for coffee but Network remains a firm favourite among dog lovers. Pop in for a flattie, a natural wine in the evening or a serving of Network’s famous Notions on Toast (yes, it involves avocado).

Street 66

Street 66 is located on Parliament Street – keep up with them via Instagram.

Street 66 is one of Dublin’s most beloved LGBTQ spaces and its welcoming, inclusive policy extends to puppers too. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet pint and a game of scrabble, a spot of tarot reading or a high-energy drag show, no dog need be left behind. Cuddles and treats await all fur babies, as they rightfully deserve says you.

Two Pups Coffee

Two Pups is located on Francis Street – keep up with them via Instagram

As the name might suggest, Two Pups is extremely dog friendly – in fact you’ll rarely see this spot without a nervous greyhound cosied up to its owner, watching the comings and goings of a busy brunch service. Inside it’s got that rustic and paired back feel, with weathered table tops and mismatched chairs. The staff are always lovely and calm, serving up great coffee from behind the tempting cabinet of cakes and pastries. Menu-wise, it’s a pretty standard avocado on toast and poached egg type menu, but all cooked immaculately with the very best of ingredients.

Be Sweet Café

Be Sweet is located on Clarendon Street – keep up with them via Instagram

A newer addition to the list, Be Sweet are freshly opened with resident mountain dawgs Otto and Milo ready to welcome fluffy patronage, and even offer them a puppucino on the house. The maximalist interior is a notable contrast to the pared-back, industrial vibe you find in a lot of Dublin cafés, and the menu follows suit with lattes of all hues made from blue spirulina, lavender, maquai berry and butterfly pea flower, handmade jelly people and a healthily stacked afternoon tea tier. Definitely one to head to if your dog enjoys the glam life.

The Circular

The Circular is located in Rialto – keep up with them via Instagram.

Prime spot for doggos who are looking to talk, make friends and maybe more.

You’ll hear Rialto locals saying the area has gone ‘very trendy’ since Daddy’s opened, and it’s true – the village is now a go-to destination for foodies and speciality coffee lovers, tote bags and refurbished racer bikes in tow, while still retaining its original, old-school Dublin charm. The brunch menu showcases vibrant and flavoursome local produce, with veg from McNally’s Farm being a favourite and featuring in most dishes. Standouts include their benny and cabbage (an Irish slant on the brunch classic) and their weekly savoury tarts. Best of all, dogs are warmly welcomed and you’re nearly always guaranteed to find a friendly frenchie or loyal labrador cosied up at their owner’s feet, ready to receive rubs from friendly passersby.


Francis Street 

Like the Circular, Lucky’s serve tasty Coke Lane pizza and are of course dog-friendly! There’s plenty of space in the heated beer garden for you and your pup, and on the weekends you’ll find flea markets, dedicated vinyl fairs and loads of other great events. Grab your pals, grab your pointer and enjoy.

The Bath Pub

The Bath Pub is located in Ringsend – keep up with them via Instagram

Pups and Prosecco is the combo that’ll never fail you, and it’s always available for you and this blue-tinted D4 haunt. Alongside its dog-friendly policy The Bath offers a varied, please-all pub grub menu with pizzas, platters of all your deep fried faves for match days and big get-togethers, Instagrammable brunch dishes and plenty more. With its close proximity to the Aviva stadium, it wouldn’t be unusual to see a King Charles in a miniature Ireland jersey sniffing around your table.

The Fourth Corner

The Fourth Corner is located on Patrick Street – keep up with them via Instagram

The Fourth Corner is one of those boozers that has it all – delicious pizza from Lovin faves Dublin Pizza Company, regular pub quizzes with great themes, live music and best of all, a strict dog-friendly policy. This is one of the first places I brought my leggy lurcher after adopting her last year and she was made feel like a million bucks with a regularly replenished water bowl and lots of rubs and attention.


Kodiak is located in Rathmines – keep up with them via Instagram

Round up your pizza-loving pups and get yourself to this roomy, welcoming joint slap bang in the middle of Rathmines, at the spot formerly occupied by Copán. Kodiak is Smithfield staple Bonobo’s southside sibling, and as well as serving up the same delicious pizza it’s adopted the same dog-friendly policy. It’s spacious, it’s great for big groups and all pups will be welcomed with treats and gentle rubs.

Shoe Lane Coffee

Shoe Lane has locations on Tara Street and in Dún Laoghaire – keep up with them via Instagram

Whether you’re in the middle of town or exploring the southside ‘burbs after a seaside stroll, Shoe Lane is ready and waiting to welcome you and your pup with open arms. Shoe Lane pour consistently great coffee from Full Circle Roasters and are known for whipping up some incredible iced creations once the summer months creep in – iced espresso tonic with fresh orange, anyone?

Johnnie Fox’s

Johnnie Fox’s is located in Glencullen – keep up with them via Instagram.

Nestled away in the Dublin Mountains, Johnnie Fox’s is loved by Dubliners and tourists alike for many reasons – the beautiful blooming flower baskets, the cosy nooks and crannies with plenty of open fires to keep you warm, the live entertainment and of course, the impressive mountain views. Johnnie Fox’s has a small area inside where dogs are welcome – however, you’re advised to ring in advance to ensure there’s space for your upper!

Brindle Coffee & Wine

Brindle Coffee & Wine is located in Portobello – keep up with them via Instagram

Brindle is a neighbourhood gem where single origin coffee and organic, low intervention wines are the order of the day, and there’s nearly always a dog leaning up against the counter, patiently awaiting a treat and assurance of what a good boy or girl they are. You’ll also find small plates and pastries and shelves stocked with beautiful pantry staples – it’s a great spot for a bit of boujie people watching while you and your pup sip on the finest pinot noir.

Little Bird

Little Bird is located in Portobello – keep up with them via Instagram

Little Bird is a neighbourhood vegetarian café and yoga studio, with great workshops and events in the evening and a really welcoming, community vibe. There’s space to sit outside in the sun when it finally decides to make an appearance, great wine for the evening time and a general good buzz – bring your pup along for a bit of downward facing.. ah sure you know yourself.

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak is located in Kilmainham – keep up with them via Instagram. 

The Royal Oak loves receiving visits from pups of all shapes and sizes, and even have dog treats for the pups going a beggin’. There’s invariably a couple of dogs of various shapes and sizes snuffling around, and there’s even some regulars (one of the Croc-wearing variety). It’s truly one of Dublin’s best pubs, with a wonderful atmosphere, and level of craic, made all the better by being extremely dog-friendly!


Board is located on Clanbrassil Street – keep up with them via Instagram

One of the most unique openers we’ve seen in Dublin in recent years, Board is a dedicated alcohol-free bar with a huge collection of over 200 board games and great community events like chess tournaments, jazz nights and of course, quizzes and music bingo. During the day, Board serves speciality coffee and great brunch dishes and from 4pm it’s pizza and non-alcoholic pints and cocktails to beat the band. Like its predecessor MVP, Board is extremely dog-friendly so your cavapoo can join in on that long-haul game of Catan.


Pye is located in Dundrum – keep up with them via Instagram.

Pye have plenty of incentives to get you in through the doors – wood fired pizza, live comedy and a dog policy so friendly, there’s even a dedicated dog vending machine so your pup can pick up a treat with their pocket money. Pye also host table quizzes and most recently, a dog-themed Valentine’s Ball. Bring your pup along and if you’re lucky, they might nab a spot beside the “CAUTION – Big Cuddly Dog” traffic cone.

One Kinda Folk

Ranelagh and Leeson Street , you can find them on Instagram

At its original location behind an ivy-adorned wall in Ranelagh, One Kinda Folk gained a huge following over the pandemic with a regular sprawling queue waiting patiently to enter its secret garden. Known for its colourful lattes and great pastry selection, One Kinda Folk has a great neighbourhood feel whether you’re a human or a wide-eyed whippet.

Fumbally Café

Fumbally Café is located on Fumbally Lane – keep up with them via Instagram.  

The Fumbally is probably the first place you started going to back in the 2010s when the concept of brunch started edging its way into Dublin culture, and it continues to stand tall as a great spot for well-prepared dishes showcasing Irish produce, evening events and great coffee. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the regular trio of pugs and their owner popping in for a morning coffee and a sniff around the pastries – you truly love to see it.

Cheeky Piglet

Cheeky Piglet is located on Fumbally Lane – keep up with them via Instagram

The Cheeky Piglet is one of our favourite spots in town for a hearty fry – when our office used to be across the road – the Lovin team would be known to frequent the counter and unapologetically order a bag of hash browns to get us through the day. The staff are all angels, the food is great and dogs are always guests of honour – once they get along with the in-house cat, that is.


Southbank is located by Rathmines on the Grand Canal – keep up with them via Instagram

Even during a busy brunch service, Southbank staff make time for dogs big and small, ensuring they feel welcomed and at home. On one Sunday afternoon, my dog was sprawled out on the ground and I was worried she was in everyone’s way but was instantly put at ease when a server approached to say “Excuse me, but your dog is being so well-behaved – would you mind if I gave her a treat?” Reader, I’m not ashamed to say I nearly burst into tears – that may be in part due to my fragile state following my antics the night before but still. Bring your dog, bring your baby and bring your besties – everyone loves Southbank.

Any dog-friendly spots we’ve missed out on? Let us know on [email protected] we’d love to add them to the list

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