Dublin's Ultimate Burrito Challenge


If there's one thing we love in the Lovin Dublin office, it's a takeaway challenge. Mainly because it's a great excuse for an indulgent lunch meeting! This week we decided to tackle a very controversial challenge... To find the best burritos in Dublin. While we did a Top 5 Burritos list before, that was way back in 2013 and this list compares four burritos bought at the exact same time, on the same day (12.30pm on a Wednesday if you're curious). Criteria include the burrito itself (obviously), as well as the service and price. We even decided to weigh them all too so you could know exactly how much bang you're getting for your buck! We know there are plenty of other burrito joints in the city but we picked these four due to their proximity to our office.

4. Burritos & Blues

While the Burritos & Blues beef burrito was nice, it wasn't something we were about to write home to our Mammys about. While it cost €7 they also had some amazing student deals including a burrito and a drink for €5 which is incredible value, so I imagine it's a favourite spot of the DIT students. I expected the queue to be really long but the service was really fast and the staff were friendly. This was the only burrito joint we visited that didn't do pulled beef, their beef burrito had beef chunks in it instead. We weren't keen on the salsa (too much of red onion for our liking), but despite being the lightest of the bunch at 527g, there was still good eating in it. A decent burrito.


3. Tolteca

This burrito cost €7.50 and was packed with tender, shredded beef. The meat was really tasty and the burrito was literally stuffed with fillings. The only downside was that the wrap was a bit wet and soggy from the sauce oozing out, so as a result it started falling apart. It was the heaviest of the bunch weighing in at a whopping 695g, so this is the place to go if you're totally ravenous! The friendly staff and fast moving queues were added bonuses.


2. Pablos

This was a really good burrito packed with chunky, shredded beef and fresh, delicious salsa. Well worth the €6.50 we paid. The portion was generous, weighing in at 557g, and thankfully the wrap didn't go soggy or fall apart. The only down side was the service, while the staff were friendly, they weren't very attentive and didn't listen when we tried to change an additional order. However, for a burrito this tasty we won't hold it against them.


1. Boojum

Boojum brings home the bacon with their beef burrito. The portion was huge, weighing in at 625g, and was really packed with beef.The beef itself had a lovely flavour and spice through it. It was just great all around. The service was outstanding and the long queue moved very fast. At €7.50 (including a can) you can't really complain.


Healthy Burrito Alternatives

Still trying to stay on the January health wagon but can't deny your burrito craving? Not to worry, you can still have your fix. One of the girls in our office is coeliac and tried the Pablo's burrito bowl and thought it was really tasty (I know, I know... The pictures are awful, but some foods are just ugly. Don't hold it against them). I went for the Senor Slim chicken burrito in Pablo's which comes in at under 400 calories, they use feta cheese instead of cheddar and leave out the rice. I added in some extra roast vegetables for some extra bulk... It was really delicious!

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