Dying To Meet A Tinder Match This Weekend? Try One Of These Dublin Spots For A Date Or Two

By Rebecca Keane

April 5, 2019 at 4:27pm


Dating these days is harder than ever.

With an influx of apps like Bumble, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and more at a click of our fingers, some of us singletons would rather a pre-internet way of meeting someone special.

Alas, sometimes the digital way prevails and succeeds in setting up couples that last forever and ever.

Whether it's a first date or fourth date you're thinking of lining up this weekend, this cute little spots will hopefully set sparks flying between you and your latest crush.

Tea Garden

Whether you're a fan of shisha or not, you can relax here and order any number of flavoured teas.

The decor alone in here is worth visiting.


Royal Hibernian Academy

By far one of the nicest art galleries in town, it's actually my personal favourite.

As it's a bit of a hidden gem, there's guaranteed privacy for a sneaky smooch.

Stephen's Green park

The cheapest of all dates, sometimes going for a walk with someone new can rid yourself of those nerves and chat away.


If worse comes to worst, if your date's a freak there's plenty of room to leg it (literally or otherwise)


The nicest space for a little browse and wander around.

Mention #SlowArtDay at the front desk of the gallery to receive free tickets to IMMA's Freud Project, Gaze.

Chez Max


Definitely the most romantic spot in Dublin.

This restaurant is like a little slice of Paris but right in the middle of town.

The food is great and affordable too!

Happy dating, boys and girls!