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25th Jan 2020

Eight INSANE things you have to try at Bread 41

Sarah Finnan

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This place is all that, and then some.

Trust me – Bread 41 is the real deal.

Bread 41 counter

Freshly baked goods hold a special place in my heart (and my stomach) and unlike Kate Saunders in the Lizzie McGuire Movie – I’m happy to eat carbs whether an Italian boy buys them for me or not.

Not alone in my love for the organic bakery, Bread 41 grown quite the following on social media. One of my favourite foodie accounts to follow on Instagram, their feed leaves me in a constant state of food envy.

How is it that everything they come out with looks divine? Every. Single. Thing.

So, click that follow button quick and feast your eyes on eight of Bread 41’s most INSANE creations.

First up; choux pastry. Anything with the word ‘pastry’ in the title gets a big yes from me.

I’ve spent most of my morning looking at this particular picture…and I mean, can you blame me? Salted caramel + banana + popcorn + croissant = deliciousness with every bit.

Of course, bread is on the menu, the place is literally named in its honour. You’ll have to be quick if you want to nab a loaf here though as it flies off the shelf in record time.

If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ll most definitely have acquired a taste for Pastéis de Nata. One of their tastiest signature treats, you can get your fill at Bread 41.

Another croissant to add to your bucket list – this one comes with ruby grapefruit, lemon and coconut. Fruity.

Take a little pizza my heart now baby – I would eat this for every meal if I could.

And finally, the famous breakfast naan, because breakfast foods taste good at any time of the day.

Special mention goes to their cheese toastie. Just when you thought I was done, eh? Hands down one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten – it’s so simple yet so good.

Bread 41

Do yourselves a favour and head straight to Pearse Street.

(Header image courtesy of @bread41dublin)

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