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02nd Feb 2020

Five alternative activities in Dublin to try this week

Alan Fisher

Axe Club Dublin is an alternative activity in Dublin.

It’s always hard to find new things to do so we have found five alternative activities in Dublin to try.

You could always go for the usual like going to see the latest release in the cinema or playing mini-golf in Dundrum but we want something a little different.

What’s on offer that you don’t already know though?

Well, let us tell you.

Here are five alternative activities to do in Dublin:

1. Axe Club Dublin

This is certainly a little different.

Have you ever tried axe throwing? No? Neither have we but are dying to give it a go.

Take out some anger and try to hit the bullseye.

They also have some really cool options.

For example, you can book in with mates for a session of throwing, eat pizza and drinking beer.


Take a look:

2. Kayaking with seals

Yup. Awesome.

This was probably one of the best things we got to try out last year.

You can join as they take you across to Dalkey Island and play with all the lovely sea dogs.

Have a look at how we got on:

3. Salt Caves

This one is pretty new on our radar and it’s the ultimate way to relax.

Salt Cave Halotherapy in Balbriggan offers this therapy called ‘Halotherapy’.

Halotherapy is an ancient and widely used natural treatment which involves breathing in particles of salt that mix naturally with the air inside the salt cave.

Look how cool it is:

4. Rock Climbing in Dalkey

Maybe you could do the double in Dalkey while you’re out kayaking with the seals.

Dalkey Quarry is an unreal real to try rock climbing and abseiling.

You can book in with to give this a go.

5. Sensory Deprivation

Yeah, this may be a weirder experience than the salt cave but it’s cool.

Sit there floating in water in a pitch-black room and juts relax.

You can do this in Harvest Moon Centre on Baggot Street.

Check out how I got on when I tried it.

These are a few alternative activities in Dublin to try.