Hate Christmas Cake? These 15 Indulgent Festive Desserts Are A Cut Above The Rest

T'is the season to shamelessly gorge on all things chocolate


Love Christmas and all the decadent indulgence that goes with it? So do we, but when we think of indulgent Christmas food the dreaded Christmas cake covered in marzipan and rock hard icing doesn't spring to mind. 

We decided to come up with a definitive list of the most delicious, most decadent and most indulgent festive desserts in existence... And not a raisin in sight.

15. Chocolate and whiskey cream pie with toffee meringue makes the ultimate anti-Christmas cake dessert

Full recipe here.


14. This spiced parsnip cake is not only delicious, but relatively healthy too

Full recipe here.


13. Start your Christmas morning with these citrus and cranberry cinnamon rolls... the most indulgent Christmas breakfast ever

Full recipe here.


12. Lingonberry gingerbread cakes will definitely be something your family haven't tried before

Full recipe here.


11. These eggnog cupcakes with spiced rum buttercream are perfect for the cupcake fiend of the house

Full recipe here.

Eggnog-Cupcakes Bakers-Royale1

10. This pumpkin spiced latte cake is one for the coffee addicts

Full recipe here.

cake pumpkin latte main 3

9. Nutmeg and creme fraiche bundt cakes with an angostura bitters glaze... the name says it all

Full recipe here.


8. This physalis, clementine and ginger swiss roll is probably the fanciest swiss roll you'll ever come across

Full recipe here.


7. This plum torte will suit those who are sick of the traditional Christmas fruit cakes

Full recipe here.


6. This salted caramel apple custard cake ticks all our boxes

Full recipe here.

cake apple almond custard main 3

5. These chocolate doughnuts will be perfect for Christmas visitors

Full recipe here.


4. This French cranberry, ginger and satsuma clafoutis offers a sophisticated alternative to Christmas cake

Full recipe here.


3. We have to thank the Germans for inspiring this beautiful pumpkin streusel bread with maple glaze

Full recipe here.


2. You're always going to please crowds with this delicious sticky toffee figgy pudding

Full recipe here.

Sticky-Figgy-Pudding 1-copy-639x958

1. These gingerbread surprise beignets with spiced mocha hot chocolate are like something from Willy Wonka's factory and we want them immediately

Full recipe here.


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