Here are 9 of our fave coffee spots in Dublin 6

By Katy Thornton

January 13, 2023 at 9:58am


There's no shortage of great coffee shpots in the D6 area...


I really wanted to stick to the eight spots in Dublin 8 theme, but six was simply too few for the D6 area. If you're local to one of the 3 Rs (Rathmines, Ranelagh, Rathgar) or anywhere else in Dublin 6, then these are the coffee spots you've got to hit up.

Brew 204

Location: Harold's Cross

Sister café to Busyfeet & Coco on South William Street, Brew 204 lives on 204 Harold's Cross Road and is ideal for a coffee and sweet treats. They open daily until 4pm.

Wilde and Green

Location: Milltown 

Many a morning or afternoon was spent lounging outside Wilde & Green during our three lockdowns - it was a haven for meeting with friends, socially distanced of course. Their iced coffees of summer 2020 gave me life, as if to say, it's all going to be okay. A bit dramatic, but lovely coffee all the same. Plus their scones are divine.


Green Fox Café

Location: Harold's Cross

Green Fox Café is perfect for those lazy weekend mornings where you need about four coffees and a big fat fry up or stack of pancakes to get you going for the day.

One Kinda Folk

Location: Ranelagh

One Kinda Folk may just win the cutest café location award. If you've been, you know exactly what I'm talking about; arriving at their little hatch feels somewhat like you happened upon it whilst waltzing Snow White style in a forest, and yes that does in fact make the coffee taste better too.


Location: Rathmines


Soppy personal moment alert! Ernesto's holds a special place in my heart as somewhere I realised I could actually make it doing this writer thing (this is where I finalised my application for my Creative Writing Masters and the rest is history as they say). Maybe holding such a precious memory makes me biased, but I think Ernesto's is still one of the loveliest, cosiest cafés in all of Dublin, not just Dublin 6.

Nick's Coffee

Location: Ranelagh 

A cult fave, this Dublin 6 coffee spots list would not be complete without giving Nick's a shoutout. People were understandably buzzing when they announced they were coming back to Ranelagh, just two doors down from their previous location. Plus, they do some of the cutest coffee merch about.

Two Fifty Square

Location: Rathmines

Two Fifty Square supply many of your fave coffee spots all over Dublin, but their café in Rathmines is well worth a visit. The coffee is rich in flavour and they do some delightful sandwiches as well - I got a brisket and chimchurri toastie during the third lockdown that revived me in more ways than I can say.

South Bank Café


Location: Grove Road

Like your coffee with a side of people watching? So do we, making South Bank Café a must-try coffee spot. Plus their interior is absolutely adorable.

Grove Road

Location: Rathgar

Need a dog friendly spot to get your daily coffee fix in Dublin 6 (poet and I definitely know it)? Look no further than Grove Road.

What's your fave coffee spot in Dublin 6?

Header image via Instagram/southbankcafe & /onekindafolkcoffee

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