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04th Nov 2019

My Favourite Places To Escape The Rain In Dublin City Centre

Brian Dillon

I don’t think the weather is to be the best for the rest of the week lads. So it’s good to have a plan in place.

Just because Mother Nature is deciding to treat us less favourably this week doesn’t mean all your plans have to be cancelled. You should still get out and do things even when the weather is crappy.

When I’m kicking it about town and need shelter from the rain, these are my favourite places to go.


Other than being a fabulous place to go see indie movies, the IFI in Temple Bar also has a lovely little coffee shop and restaurant.

It’s nice just to go in, have a coffee (or a pint) and find out what films they’re showing.

There’s also a film shop and library to browse through.

O’Donghue’s Pub

Located on Merrion Row, O’Donoghue’s has a fireplace where you can get warm and dry off while sipping a lovely pint of the black stuff.


This is one of my favourite cafes in Dublin in general, and it’s extra cosy if you’re looking to escape the bad weather for a couple of hours.

It’s kitted out with couches for big and small groups, or solo visitors, and they have an array of books, board games and decks of cards to keep you occupied.

Pro-tip: Try the white hot chocolate. It’s divine. You can also get half and half hot chocolates (white chocolate and milk chocolate) which taste really good.

The Secret Book and Record Store

This literal hidden gem on Wicklow Street is the ideal place to get lost in while it’s bucketing down outside.

With so many second-hand books to browse through, you could easily spend an hour or two here deciding which story you’re going to dive into.

Gallery of Photography

Located in Temple Bar, Ireland’s centre for contemporary photography normally has some really cool exhibitions on.

As it’s a not-for-profit organisation, admission is free but donations are encouraged. It’s well worth popping in and having a gander around to see what’s on display.

Street 66

This is my favourite quirky bar in the city.

It’s located on Parliament Street and has a really warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are super friendly and it has a nice chill vibe. Plus, there are plenty of board games to keep you and your pals occupied.

Plus, it’s dog-friendly!

The Hideout

I’m pretty rubbish at pool, but sure look, when it’s raining and I need somewhere to keep dry, I can come here and practice.

Luckily, my friends aren’t great either, so when we come to this spot on South William Street, we are all pretty much on the same level.