Not Feeling A Big Feed? Here Are 7 Great Places In Dublin For Picky Little Light Bites

By fiodhna_hm

April 25, 2019 at 2:52pm


You know the vibe – you're not STARVING but you're kind of in the mood for a little something. When you're sharing a bottle of wine with your pal in a bar, you always want the option to order a small plate or two if you get peckish.

Nothing fancy, just something delish to pick at while you enjoy a few drinks. So here are eight deadly spots around the city where you can find some extremely tasty bar bites...

1. Bow Lane

Part bar, part restaurant – Bow Lane has all you could ever want in terms of little bits to pick at. Order the potato skins with sticky barbecue duck, melted coolea cheese & scallion mayo. They're beyond amazing!


2. Pygmalion

The kinda place where you pop along for one around 1pm on a Saturday, and realise you're still there at 2am bopping away on the dancefloor.


They've got a deadly menu of bits and bobs, to give you plenty of energy for the sesh. Their Cayenne spiced chicken wings are just bloody brilliant.

3. Izakaya

You know what's great? Tapas. But you know what's even better than tapas? JAPAS.

Yes my friends, Japanese tapas. Heaps to choose from Izakaya whether you're upstairs or downstairs. Get a load of this salmon tartar on a crispy homemade wonton crisp!

4. Fade Street Social

Come for the cocktails, stay for the grub.


Try to grab a seat at the bar so you can watch the chefs in action.

5. The Hole In The Wall

The perfect way to unwind after a long walk in the Phoenix Park.

Grab a few pints and some of their amazing snacks on the bar menu. Their tempura prawns with saffron mayo are always a winner here!

6. Drury Buildings


The possibilities here are endless: Focaccia with dips, prosciutto and parmesan croquettes, crostini with kale pesto, calamari, mozzarella with rainbow tomatoes, pulled ham hock, crab with sourdough. Jaysus, we're feeling very hungry all of a sudden...

7. Farrier & Draper

Farrier & Draper descended upon Dublin food scene over the summer... and if you haven't tried it yet, you're nuts.

Their starters all come in two sizes with the option of the larger one to share. Get their mussels and clams done in a stunning garlic sauce with pecorino cheese – you'll be eating the sauce with a spoon by the end!