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21st Sep 2019

Our Favourite Protest Signs From The Climate Strike In Dublin Yesterday

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin yesterday to draw attention to the global climate crisis that is affecting our planet.

At midday, workers and schoolchildren alike decided enough was enough and took to the streets of the city centre to have their voices heard.

They arrived in their droves and with them, they carried powerful protest signs.

Here are some that really stood out to us:

Looks Like Change Ted

Britney Survived 2007 But We Wont Survive Climate Change

We Skipped Our Lesson To Teach You One

The Earth Is Getting Hotter Than My Imaginary Boyfriend

Do It For David

I’ve Seen Smarter Cabinets In IKEA

There Is No Planet B

And my personal favourite:

Tá Eagla An Domhain Orm

Let’s hope they had an effect on the Government and correct procedures will be put in place to save the planet.