QUIZ: Can you unscramble the names of these well-known Dublin pubs?

By Brian Dillon

April 14, 2021 at 12:36pm


Can you figure out the names of these ten well-known Dublin pubs from a bunch of jumbled up letters? 

Who else spends their evenings dreaming of the first sip of a freshly poured pint when the pubs reopen. Because I know I do.

The craic, the chats, the music, the creamy pints. I want it all, man.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a while. So, why don't we stay entertained in the meantime with a fun quiz. Because we haven't done enough of them over the past year...

Aaaaaaanyway, here's how this works. You get ten well-known Dublin pubs. Their names have been completely scrambled and you have to work out which is which. Make sense? Excellent.

There are a few hints throughout, but any real Dublin pub expert won't need them. All of them are found in the city centre, and all of them are places we're buzzing to get back to.

Okay, I think I've covered everything, so here you go!



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