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Fed Up Of Turkey? Here’s Seven Dishes That Will Satisfy You To No End

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So you’ve been munching away on turkey and ham sambos for the last three days, fed up yet?

If not – fair play to ya.

If so, we can relate.

It’s time to venture out of your pj’s and try something new. Here’s seven sumptuous dishes that won’t make you feel so sad that turkey season is over.

1. Kimchi Cheese Toastie – Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

I often find a plain cheese toastie is unbeatable, however, Clanbrassil Coffee Shop has created just the one to tempt me otherwise.

This cheesy sambo is smothered in delicious homemade kimchi and it adds so much flavour to it.

Deffo worth checking out.

2. Eggs And Greens – Meet Me In The Morning

Meet Me In The Morning is one of my favourite brunch places in town.

Their Eggs And Greens is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Eggs Benedict – WUFF

I’d go as far to say that this is probably the best eggs Benedict dish I’ve had in Dublin.

A picture says a thosand words:

4. Vegan Jambons – BEAST Eatery

If you’re thinking of going vegan, it doesn’t have to be all salads and fruit.

BEAST creates your favourites so you won’t get any meaty cravings.

These jambons are ridiculously good – you’d have no idea their meat free.

5. Tiffin Box – Pickle

Like a bento box but better.

The Tiffin Box from Pickle is served at lunch and it’s got a little bit of everything.

6. Prawn Naan Wrap – Kinara Kitchen

Kinara is a hot spot for late dining but they also have a savage lunch menu.

Top of the list for me is their wraps – made with naan bread for extra carb-age!

7. Pancakes – The Grind Howth

These pancakes are beyond dreamy.

I’d do anything to have a plate of them in front of me right now.

Feeling tempted?

Header Image: @thegrindhowth @clanbrassilcoffeeshop

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