The 10 Best Places To Watch The Leinster Match With Great Food

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The pundits seem to have written off Leinster in this weekend's Champions Cup encounter with Toulon, but we've seen the boys pull big performances out of the bag in the past – and we're confident we'll see it again.

So rather than just go for a couple of pints and watch the match, why not head out early, grab some great food in one of these spots, then hope for another historic win that would provide a brilliant (if unexpected) conclusion to the season for our Boys in Blue?

10. The Bath Pub

You aren't going to find a pub that is much closer to the action than the Bath as it sits in the shadow of the home of Irish rugby itself. It'll get busy when it gets closer to kick-off time, so get there early to nab a table and defend it with your life! And if the weather holds up, it's got one of the city's best beer gardens.

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9. The Bridge

It doesn't really get more authentic than a pub that is a stone's throw away from Leinster's home and which is owned by four Leinster players (the two Kearneys, O'Brien and our very own Jamie Heaslip). Great bar menu and some top beers but you'll want to get in early as it's fast becoming a popular pre-game spot for the fans.

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8. Bull And Castle

This spot has some of the very best bar food in the city and boasts a huge TV screen that faces both directions so you will always have a perfect view of the match. Lots of tables and really good service means you'll never have to leave your seat and can enjoy the match perfectly.

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7. Watch The Match At Home With Steaks

For those of you with kids, or who want a slightly quieter life, you could choose to create your own atmosphere at home and cook up a storm. Invite a few friends over and get some top quality meat and you'll be mega popular when you bring these steaks out to the table just before kick off! Only downside is you'll need Sky Sports...


6. The Taphouse

In the heart of Ranelagh, this pub has a massive focus on both craft beer and good quality food. Come game time it will fill up and boast a buzzing atmosphere. Make sure to get in early and get one of the prime tables down the back with the projector in full view, as arriving late will mean you'll be struggling to see the screen.


5. The Exchequer

You aren't just coming in here because Gordon D'Arcy is one of the owners, but rather for the amazing food that has won a bunch of awards. The serve huge wholesome portions and always have a lively vibe. Eat your food up the back and slip down to the front for a couple of pints during the match.


4. The Old Spot

A great spot that opened last year and that serves up some of the very best gastropub food in the capital. This will be seriously popular come match time, so you'll want to book in advance – and if you do get in, make sure that you go for the roast pork belly which is absolutely outstanding.


3. The Goat

One for the people who don't want to head into town but still want a great atmosphere and to watch the match alongside a knowledgable crowd. Amazing big roast dinners and friendly family service make this place a home away from home when it comes to watching the match.


2. Sam's Bar, Dawson Street

With their huge HD screen you're not going to miss a second of the action. Treat yourself to a bucket of beer and some top-class grub.

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1. Searsons

This favourite is on the path from town down to the Aviva, so has entrenched itself in the hearts of many a rugby fan. Get in early and get a table to enjoy a nice relaxed lunch with awesome food, then sit there and enjoy a couple of pints with the match on the big screen. All you need then is the result to go our way...

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