The 10 Most Popular Posts This Week

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Ah Sunday evening- the only time during the weekend where you get to sit down, relax and take some time to read the entire internet. And because we're super thoughtful and like to keep you up-to-date with all the goings on here on Lovin Dublin, we've put together our top 10 most popular posts this week. Just please don't read this if you're hungry!

10. Delicious New Cupcake Outlet Opens In Arnotts


9. The Best Pubs In Dublin To Watch The Rugby

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8. We're Hiring 12 World-Class People For The Lovin Group – And First Up Is Aidan Coughlan


7. Introducing Lovin Dublin's Brunch Club

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6. The Best Croissants In Dublin By A Country Mile


5. Fun Dublin Activities You Can Do In Two Hours This Weekend


4. The Top 10 Italian Restaurants In Dublin


3. The Best Late Bars In Dublin For Over 25 year Olds


2. The Best 5 Cheese Toasties In Dublin


1. The 10 Best Steaks In Dublin In 2015


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