The 21 Best Ways To Overcome A Hangover In Dublin

By niallharbison

April 18, 2019 at 2:28pm


Let's face it – we are a nation of drinkers.

We like nothing more than going out and getting absolutely shitfaced.

It could be Christmas, the first sunny day of the year or just an average Monday but when the hankering comes for a few scoops we're there quicker than you can say "give us two pints of Guinness, please".

While drinking is a great laugh at the time, the next day often ends up in some serious carnage with the mother of all hangovers. So, we wanted to have a look around for some of Dublin's best hangover cures and, of course, we asked you guys too.

This is the stuff that you need to get into you quick-smart as soon as you wake up, in an absolute heap...

1. Boojum burrito

There are
lots of good burritos in Dublin – if you want a quick way to soak up the booze then this is the one.

2. Breakfast tacos

So this is our
own recipe but you will never eat anything better and the beauty here is that the ingredients are super simple and you can eat it from the comfort of your own home.

3. Super Miss Sue, Fish Finger Buttie

This is literally one of the best sandwiches you will ever taste in Dublin. The bread and sauce will be lapped up as you feel your hangover melt away.

4. A breakfast roll


Not the fanciest one on the list but we've all been there when walking around with little or no energy, losing the will to live.

5. Yamamori – healthy stuff

Surprisingly some people choose to cure a hangover by getting really good stuff into their bodies, rather than eating more crap. A big bowl of broth with some fresh juice in
Yamaroori and you'll be laughing in no time.

6 – Brother Hubbard

You'll want to get down here early because the place is always rammed but the good news is that if you are lucky enough to get some of their
pulled pork and beans it will do the job and have you straight back on track.

7 – Bombay Pantry Takeaway

Curry is the first place many of us turn the day after a night on the lash and if you are looking for one to be delivered to you and not leave the couch then the lads in
Bombay Pantry are the only way to go.

8 – The Blaa, Hatch And Sons

These are breakfast rolls on the higher end of the scale and their gorgeous soft texture with tasty fillings make them a super bet when you're
walking around town dying.

9 – Boozy brunch in Coppinger Row

Let's face it, if we are being honest there is no better way to get over the fear than by having a quick cocktail. Team it up with their awesome
food and big bottles of water and you'll be right again in double quick time.

10. Fish and chips, Leo Burdocks


Nothing better than a big bag of chips and some fresh fish to get that badly needed grease into your body.

11. The Savage Roll, Lolly And Cooks

Lolly and Cooks are still popping up all over the city and although they do a bunch of other good stuff, their name has been made on the back of their savage rolls. Perfect for the midweek hangover with a coffee.

12. Pancakes, Bay Clontarf

These amazing weekend pancakes at Bay in Clontarf teamed up with a big smoothie – you simply won't get anything tastier to get you back on track.

13. Base, Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza is the food type many of us turn to when the fear is kicking in but rather than go with the expensive rotten big chains try out a gorgeous
wood fired base pizza delivered to the comfort of your couch.

14. Eddie Rocket's / Rocket's

A bit of a
Dublin institution with all the perfect greasy American style food you could want under one roof. We'd go for a burger but the choices in here are endless so go wild.

15. A can of Rock Shandy

When we asked online this was by far and away the biggest winner. There is something about the absurd sugar levels and the lovely orangey taste that make that hangover melt away in seconds.

16. Super Nachos, Dillingers


If ever a meal was going to cure a
hangover then this is it. A huuuuuge plate of food with all the greasy cheese coated goodness that you could ever wish for.

17. Brunch in Odessa

Always one of the
best brunch sports in town with alllll the classics. It is busy, opens early and is nice and dark downstairs so as you can escape the eyes of all the other sober people.

18. Roast for four at Exchequer with wine

You'll have to be expecting the hangover in advance for this one because you need to order their awesome roast dinner on a Friday to eat on a Sunday but with a nice bottle of red you'll be happy out again.

19. A fry up in Gerry's

This is the
classic Dublin greasy spoon and, although not everybody will agree, the best fry up in Dublin. Don't expect anything fancy in this Montague lane Working man's (or woman's) cafe but do expect a great feed.

20. Tribeca Chicken Wings

They weren't the
number one on our lists of Wings but we think they are the perfect hangover cure because of the company in the place (less kids) and the great beers and buzz.

21. Pyg Sundays

This is more of a new night out than a cure, as such. You will be in the company of people in the same state as you are and this is easiest the most fun one on the list.