The best 5 chicken fillet rolls in Dublin, as voted by Chick Advisor

By Fiona Frawley

September 19, 2023 at 11:35am


The results are in.

If you're a breaded chicken enthusiast, you may have been following our quest to discover the best chicken fillet roll in Dublin. We've scoured the county, diligently posting our findings every weekend for the masses to consume and as the journey draws to an end, we thought it only fitting to compile a list of our top 5.

Chicken fillet rolls are a key component of Ireland's culinary landscape and this quest isn't one we undertook lightly - we can personally couch for each one of these tasty baguettes.

Let's get into it:

5. Pip's Deli, Crumlin

This local-owned deli is famous for being the home of Dublin's best breakfast roll, and we can confirm their chicken fillet offering carries on the legacy of its pork-based cousin. With perfectly golden breadcrumbs and a soft roll cut off from a larger baguette (in our experience, a better option for ingredient distribution), this baby's got your back if you're on the hunt for a comforting hangover cure.


4. Declan and Donal's Deli, Bolton Street

A spot remembered fondly by DIT alumni and possibly one of the friendliest places to get a chicken fillet roll in Dublin, this spot is a well-oiled machine at lunchtime and know their way around a tub of mayo. Enjoy a choice of plain, spicy or cajun chicken fillet, then sit back and enjoy the magic.

3. News Café, Blackrock


A mainstay of the South Dublin deli scene for almost 30 years, News Café simply can't be bet in terms of comfort food. It's the kind of café you don't come across too often anymore - complimentary pringles on the side of your sambo for extra crunch, a fresh supply of chocolate bars at the till for something sweet afterwards and most importantly, lovingly assembled baguettes. Their breakfast options are always a winner too.

2. Ger's Deli, Ballyfermot

This roll was truly something special. Something I dream about often, if I'm honest. If you were to draw a picture of your dream chicken fillet roll - perfectly seasoned with an extra slather of mayo, with thinly grated cheddar for optimum melting potential and the all-important monster sized baguette, this baby from Ger's Deli is probably what you'd come up with. Big enough to feed a small family with no compromise on taste, I'd recommend this one til I'm blue in the face.


1. The Local, Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin

Just as I was reaching a level of chicken fatigue I didn't know possible, this masterpiece from The Local came into my life. Succulent fillet in a soft, bouncy baguette, this roll couldn't be bet in terms of ingredient distribution and easily earned itself the first 10/10 of the series. If you're fan of an aul chicken fillet, you need to visit this spot as a matter of urgency.

Thanks to everyone who recommended places and came on the journey with me - onto the next culinary icon!

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