The best spots in Dublin for some refreshing bubble tea

By Katy Thornton

April 21, 2022 at 11:07am


The trendiest drink in town.


Bubble Tea has become a huge trend globally in recent years, and Dublin has provided many spots where you can get some. If you're unfamiliar with it (how's that rock you've been living under) Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese drink that originated in the 1980s. The tea-based beverage comes with tapioca pearls (chewy bubbles) and its main ingredients include milk, creamer, brewed tea, sugar, as well as flavourings. This fun drink comes in all sorts of flavours; it can be fruity or chocolatey. If you're an avid bubble tea fan, or want to try it out for yourself, here are some of the best spots in Dublin to get one.


Location: Capel Street 

Capel Street is a haven for bubble tea fans, and YumCha is just one of the boba shops you'll find there. They provide a cosy environment for all your bubbly needs, a perfect spot to pop into to relax and enjoy some boba in Dublin.


Location: Parnell Street

Ea-Tea does a range of dim sum and small bites as well as bubble tea. They have an extensive menu with pictures to guide your choice of tea; you can check them out HERE.



Location: Capel Street

Open 12:30pm to 8pm every day, 18cTea is one of the best spots in Dublin for bubble tea. You can create your own customised flavour here, choosing a base and your toppings to have your bubble tea just the way you want it.


Location: Bachelors Walk 

Kakilang are probably best known for their Japanese soufflé pancakes, but they also do some unreal bubble tea. You can even go as far as getting popping boba in your tea in a range of fruity flavours, from passionfruit to lychee.

Chew Brew

Location: Aungier Street


The Chew Brew website has a guide to all things bubble tea for those who are just getting into the beverage. They have milk teas, iced tea, fruit teas, a matcha bar, as well as a ton of toppings including pudding, jelly, and chia seeds. Check out their website HERE.

Nana's Tea

Location: Wexford Street

Nana's just opened on Wexford Street in February, and they sell bubble waffles as well as bubble tea. They do a range of seasonal teas as well as to suit whatever weather we're in. Check them out HERE.


Location: Temple Bar

This Filipino owned bubble tea shop is in the heart of Dublin and opens daily until 6:30pm. Charap regularly has discounts on its tea, as well as limited edition flavours, so keep an eye on their socials for some treats.


Boba Bar

Location: Parnell Street 

If you're looking for a side of karaoke with your bubble tea, look no further than Boba Bar. They have a full savoury menu as well as their tea selection and they're available for delivery as well as dine in.

Sweet House Bubble Tea

Location: Capel Street

Sweet House Bubble Tea relies on authentic fruity flavours. You can also DIY when it comes to making the perfect boba to suit you.

We think that the bubble tea trend is here to stay so it's lucky for us that there are so many spots to get it in Dublin.

Header image via Instagram/chewbrewbbt


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