The Christmas sambo is back on the menu at these Dublin cafés

By Katy Thornton

November 21, 2022 at 12:56pm


If your favourite version of sambo is filled with stuffing, brie, and a hint of cranberry sauce, then you're in luck.

While Christmas dinner is a one, maybe two day affair, the Christmas sambo can be enjoyed for the majority of November, and well into December. No longer are they something you only get to enjoy at 10pm on Christmas evening, or for the days leading up to New Years; Dublin cafés have heard the call in recent years to include the Christmas sambo on their winter menu, giving us weeks to enjoy all the brie.

Greenville Deli

Locations: Inchicore & Rathmines  

While they have the more traditional (meat-filled) Christmas sambo on offer, Greenville Deli also serves a vegan version for all the plant-based foodies out there. In this sandwich you'll find roasted sweet potato, green lentils with nutmeg cinnamon, cloves, and a ton of vegan stuffing.

Gerard's Deli

Location: Sir Rogerson's Quay

For all those working out by Sir Rogerson's Quay, you can get your Christmas sambo fix at Gerard's Deli (and it's a goodie). This rendition is stacked high, absolutely exploding with fillings such as baked ham, crispy onions, Gerard's very own stuffing, and cranberry mayo.

Hole in the Wall

Location: Phoenix Park

The team at the Ho Ho Ho Hole in the wall have already rolled out their Christmas sambo spesh on the menu, which gives Stephen’s Day leftover sambo levels of density. There's just the right amount of cranberry sauce to turkey and ham ratio, with lightly seasoned stuffing squashed on top, all served up on some nicely toasted bread with some hunky dorys on the side.



Location: Merrion Cricket Club

Sorry but that looks like a seriously sexy sandwich (who knew sandwiches could be sexy). Leroys brings together roast turkey, smoked ham, bacon, cranberry jam, chestnut and sprout slaw, pickled beets, and of course a good helping of brie and stuffing. One of the best Christmas sambos in Dublin.

Puck Lane

Location: Whitehall 

Puck Lane are serving their Christmas sambo to Dublin 9 dwellers with the option of either gravy or gravy mayo (if you're feeling a bit rogue). They also promise a lot of festive decorations including Christmas cups in-store for anyone thinking of popping in.


Location: Montague Street & Leeson Street

The Happy Cheesemas sambo is back with Meltdown for the festive season. Filled with all the classics you'd expect, crispy bacon, roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamy brie, as well as cheddar and mayo. It'll come as no surprise given their stellar reputation that Meltdown houses one of the best Christmas sarnies about.

Goats Gruff

Location: Strawberry Beds


Served between 11am and 3pm on the daily, you can pair your Christmas sambo with garlic dip at Goats Gruff. As with their pizza, this sambo is wood-fired to give it that delicious crispiness and to ensure the brie is melted to absolute perfection.


Location: Clonskeagh

We appreciate how on the ball Grounded were bringing back their Christmas sambo. The café sources their sambos from Greenville Deli, so also does a vegan rendition of this classic, much appreciated for all the plant-based individuals out there.


Location: Clontarf

Another spot sourcing their Christmas sambos from Greenville Deli is Surge Coffee in Clontarf, providing the festive goodness in the Dublin 3 area too.


Multiple Locations

Just look at all that brie. We're already sold on Póg's take on the traditional Christmas sandwich simply from this photograph, and luckily it's available at all five of their Dublin locations, making it easy for Dublin locals to get their hands on one this festive season.



Locations: Arnott's, Thomas Street, Malahide

Of course Griolladh have answered the call to make a Christmas sambo which is essentially just a Christmas dinner in sambo, fittingly named the Crambo to fit in with their regular range.

Ebb & Flow

Location: Camden Street  

Ebb & Flow are keeping it simple with their Christmas sambo, with a turkey, brie, cranberry combination finished off with garlic mayo and stuffing. Delish. Definitely a contender for your first Christmas sambo of the year if you're in Dublin city centre.

So there you have it, a ton of Dublin cafés serving up the iconic and delicious Christmas sambo we all look forward to eating at the end of the year. No doubt more will pop up in the coming weeks as it gets closed to the big day.

Header images via Instagram/pog_dublin & ebbflowcamden

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