The Dublin bakeries we'd wake up at the crack of dawn for

By Katy Thornton

December 29, 2022 at 5:24pm


The early bird catches the worm, and the same is true for humans and bakeries.


While many of these spots open well into the afternoon, all the best goods will be gone early in the AM, meaning an early visit is the best strategy to avoid disappointment. And while that might be difficult, particularly on a Saturday or Sunday, when you're in a Homer Simpson as a toastie cinnamon bun level of comfort, trust us when we saw these Dublin bakeries are worth it.

The Rock Bakery

Location: Skerries

This micro patisserie in Skerries opens Thursday to Sunday, 9am to 2pm, or until sold out. And trust us, they're likely to sell out. Rock Bakery creates the most incredible baked goods, from croissants, to Danish pastries.

Scéal Bakery

Location: Fumbally Lane


You can only catch Scéal Bakery between 10am and 1pm on Thursdays and Saturdays, and during a Thursday visit this week they had all sold out by 11:30am. So while 10am isn't the crack of dawn, you'll want to be ready and waiting at 10am to avail of these incredible pastries.

Scéal are currently on a break from baking but keep an eye on their socials for more info on their next chapter. 

Bread 41

Location: Pearse Street 

Bread 41 are known to sell out at lightning speed, so whatever day you decide to drop in, make sure it's super early. They open from 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends and we can guarantee you won't be disappointed with whatever pastry you choose. Definitely one of the bakeries in Dublin worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.

Arty Baker


Location: Dalkey and Kimmage

The Arty Baker opened in Dublin in June 2021 and have quickly become one of the best bakeries around. The Castle Street spot opens Wednesday to Sunday from 8:30am until they sell out, and they serve a range of baked goods, definitely worth an early start in the morning.


Location: Meath Street 

Bakeology is an Argentinian bakery that opens from 8am on weekdays, 9am on Saturdays, and 10am on Sundays. A quick scroll through their Instagram will make it more than obvious why we've included them on our list, and as they're relatively close to the Lovin offices, our team loves to sample from them whenever we can.

Pepper Pot Café


Location: Powerscourt Town Centre

Whilst the bakery is unfortunately closed currently, you can still avail of their treats via the Pepper Pot Café, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am. Whether you love croissants, morning buns, brownies, the Pepper Pot Café will have something super sweet for you.

Camerino Bakery

Location: Capel Street

And last but certainly not least is Camerino Bakery on Capel Street. This bakery has been awarded Best in Ireland by McKenna’s Guides/Bridgestone Award from 2012-2019 consecutively, so it more than earns it spot on this list. They open from 8am Sunday to Friday, and at 9am on Saturday, and are well worth a visit if you can pry yourself out of bed.

Foregoing that weekend lie-in is worth it for bakeries like these ones.


Header image via Instagram/therockbakery

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