The Lovin team's 13 all-time favourite pizza spots in Dublin

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February 9, 2023 at 9:01am


Just in time for National Pizza Day...


Thursday 9th February marks National Pizza Day, and to celebrate, the Lovin gals had to put their thinking caps on to come up with a list of our all-time favourite pizza spots in Dublin. This was no easy list to put together; in the last few years, Dublin has truly stepped up its pizza game, which we largely attribute to how many places opened during the various covid lockdowns.

Our list is varied, everything from cheap and cheerful to a bit on the spennier side. While there are certain spots we'd loved to have included on this list, we tried to only pick our absolute die-hard faves, so you know if you see a spot on the list, it's well worth it.

Katy's Fave Pizza Spots


Maybe Basil is one of my favourite pizzas in Dublin because it was one of my first meals out post-lockdown three, but it doesn't really matter because it remains one of my top choices to this day. The pizza is super fresh, cooked to perfection, and has left me craving it instantly following a visit, which is always a good sign.

The pizza at Basil isn't too stodgy either so you won't have that sluggish feeling after eating. While stodge is sometimes good, it moreso suits a day when you're hanging out of your hoop rather than a sophisticated dinner out.

Basil is based on Ringsend Road and opens Tuesday to Sunday. 

Fired Up

One of the best lockdown inventions if you ask me. Fired Up started flipping pizzas at The Goat Pub in 2020, and truly makes some of the best pizza I've ever had, in Dublin, in Ireland, and anywhere else for that matter. My favourite is their MVP (Most Valued Pizza), and even though I have to ask for no parma ham, the huge ball of burrata they put in the centre is dreamy AF.

Fired Up also do some very good plant-based chorizo for the veggies out there missing their pork-fix. I haven't eaten pork in over three years now and while I don't normally miss it, the one time I do is when I eat pizza, so Fired Up having a good alternative is a life saver.

Fired Up has locations at Little Orchard in Rathfarnham and The Goat Pub in Goatstown. 


Another great pizza spot in Dublin is Rita's. Based in Ranelagh, they're a casual pizza spot where you dine at indoor picnic tables, and their pizzas are huge. Ideal after a few in the pub, I always recommend Rita's to those looking for good pizza.

Plus something I truly appreciate about Rita's is that they 1. Make sure you're aware you've chosen a white base and 2. Offer to make it a tomato base if you're not too adventurous (like me) (every time I realise I've ordered a white base I feel the sinking feeling of regret). Rita's saved me from making this mistaken when I ordered their Hot Chick, and for that, I'm truly grateful.

Rita's is based in Ranelagh and opens Monday to Sunday from 5:30pm. 



Another pizza place that opened during covid restrictions that just hits the spot is Forge. I love a wood-fired pizza, but I've had my heart broken by a few Dublin pizza spots serving them (I'll not name names but some of them are the most popular pizzerias in the county). They've gotta get the cooking time just right and Forge can do it like no other.

Perfect for a takeaway with friends, Forge has some of the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth slices in Dublin, and I highly recommend placing an order the next time you're in the pizza mood.

Forge has a location in Windy Arbour and they open Wednesday to Sunday between 5pm and 9pm. 

Emily's Fave Pizza Spots

Coke Lane Pizza 

I was fit to fight any member of the Lovin team that robbed me from including Coke Lane Pizza, but luckily it never came to it. I fell for Coke Lane Pizza like all good romances, swiftly with a high level of obsession and intensity. Since those halcyon Summer days, my love has deepened and developed over time.

Neapolitan in style, the crust is where Coke Lane excels, they leave the toppings on the sparser end of things so as to let the crust speak for itself. The one criticism I have for the pies is that they are definitely on the smaller end of things- but listen they are the only ones to ever ace a Hawaiian so in my book they can do no wrong.

You can find Coke Lane Pizza in Lucky's, The Circular and in a slice form as Southpaw in Temple Bar. 


When it comes to leisurely days spent catching up with friends over a couple of beers, it's hard to overlook Bonobo. The team have it all, a relaxed atmosphere, a class tap list and some of the city's best pizzas. Some of my happiest memories are meeting up with friends, staking out a spot, guzzling lovely pints and after a while ordering the potato pizza.

Before I opened up my heart to this pizza (roasted rosemary sprinkled potato chunks, pancetta, mozzarella, parmesan with lashings of black pep) I didn't think I could ever get on board with a white-based pizza- but now this sweet-salty pi is all I order.

You can find Bonobo on Dublin 7's Church Street Upper. 

Fiona's Fave Pizza Spots


Zero Zero

Zero Zero is one of my favourite spots for a neighbourhood pie, their Dún Laoghaire location being the perfect place to head after a leisurely stroll along the pier or dip in the Forty Foot. Bubbly, crisp-but-chewy crusts and the creamiest mozzarell' are offset with a great selection of toppings, and a carefully curated wine list to guzzle everything down with.

They've also recently launched sit-in dining at their second location in Kimmage so you don't need to be by the seaside to visit.

Zero Zero has locations just off Dún Laoghaire Main Street and on Sundrive Road in Kimmage. 


Sano quickly rose to glory on the Dublin pizza scene for being affordable and no-fuss, while still serving up delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their handmade dough is carefully proved for 48 hours before being baked at a high heat, their toppings are uncomplicated with a focus on great quality and both of their Dublin locations are the perfect places to meet a pal for a catch up.

House beers and wines will also only set you back €5 or €6 a glass - unheard of in this economy.

Sano has locations in Temple Bar and Ranelagh. 


We'll always welcome a new pizza-by-the-slice spot to Dublin's fair city with open arms, and when the quality is as exceptional as it is at Bambino's, even more so. I'm a fiend for a bitta sweetness on a pizza, be it derived from a drizzling of honey or pineapple (don't @ me), and the trademark hot honey from this Dublin 2 joint crosses my mind daily.

The ideal quick feed during a day of shopping, lunchtime on your office days - there's no wrong time, really.

Bambino is located on Stephen Street Lower in Dublin 2. 

Di Fontaine's

It'd be against my religion and everything I hold sacred to contribute to a list of Dublin pizzerias without including the place it all began - New York style haven Di Fontaine's on Parliament Street. A post-night out trip to Di Fonty's feels like coming home - the pumping tunes, the compulsion to order two slices even though you know you'll be stuffed after one, the ever-immaculate garlic dip - it's my safe space. And after one visit, it'll be yours too.

Di Fontaine's is located on Parliament Street, Dublin 2. 


Tríona's Fave Pizza Spots


BoCo has fourteen different kinds of pizza at their Dublin 1 location, and they don't shy away from weird and wonderful combinations, with their #7 coming with black pudding and dark chocolate (yes, you read that right).

They also have both a veggie and vegan option, as well as loads of sides and and a great dessert selection.

You can find BoCo on Bolton Street and Clontarf. 


Sister to pizza spot Bonobo, Kodiak is the newest spot on this list, and has already comfortably settled into being one of my fave spots in Dublin for pizza. Their menu has 12-inch pizzas available, with classics such as the margherita and pepperoni, to slightly more niche offerings like their truffle and orange zest pie.

What I love about Kodiak is that you can make your pizza a bit of you as they have 18 extra toppings you can add to the pizza of your choice. All in all a great place for pizza in Dublin and well worth a visit.

Kodiak took over Copán towards the end of 2022 and is based in Rathmines

Dublin Pizza Company

This one got a few votes from our Lovin team, so you know it's a goodie. It's made my favourite list because they very simply just know what they're doing when it comes to pizza. The company started after a trip to Naples that involved learning the art of pizza making, before returning to Ireland to put these new skills to the test. DPC then built a polytunnel (yes, you read that right) in order to achieve the freshest ingredients possible.

How could it not make the all-time fave list?

You can get a slice from Dublin Pizza Company on Aungier Street. 

As you can see, the Lovin team has some strong opinions on pizza (we all agreed on Coke Lane but only one of us could choose to include it) and we truly think these are the best places to avail of it in Dublin.


Header images via Instagram/fireduppizza & /bambino_dublin

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