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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Burgers To Eat In Dublin In 2015


Believe it or not, it has been a year since our last burger list and it is now time to update and refresh the best burgers in the capital.  

Some of last year’s burgers are there, some have vanished and there are a couple of new entries to bump up the competition. 

Prepare to drool and brace yourselves for the ultimate meat sweats – here are the top 10 burgers in Dublin:

10. Farmer Brown’s

A big beast of a burger. This super wholesome entry on the list is sure to fill you and not going to cost a fortune either. Informal settings and incredible flavour. Super popular with the hungover weekend crowd.


9. Bobos

Been on the scene for years in Dublin and despite slipping down the list slightly they now have two great locations. Perfect after about six pints to get you ready for round two.


8. Rustic Stone

Slightly on the higher end of the scale and as good as you would expect from a restaurant owned by Dylan McGrath. This is the pimped out treat of burger you want to eat on a special occasion.

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7. Jo Burger

Started out in Rathmines, Dublin 6 but now quickly spreading out due to popularity with premises in the city centre and Smithfield. Many would have it higher but I prefer a burger I can fit in my mouth. Amazing selection of toppings and super value.


6. Counter Burger

Deserve to be on the list for this picture alone. Huge variety of toppings, sauces and garnishes mean that you can make a burger exactly as you want it.


5. Beeftro

Now with two locations you’d expect a restaurant with beef to focus on making a good burger and they deliver in spades. Bonus marks for branding the buns but the big kudos goes for the amazing taste.


4. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

They might be a chain with places in both the UK and Ireland but their focus on doing one thing and doing it well shines through here. The one place on the list where I prefer the chicken burger (with avocado and bacon) as opposed to their beef burger but both are equally good.


3. Generator Hostel

New entry on the list and straight up into the top three. Probably the last place you’d expect to get a great burger in the capital but they have an incredible recipe that will leave you craving more every time you eat it. Perfectly juicy with a superb bun.


2. Dillinger’s

Could have gone for here or their sister restaurant Butchers Grill but went with Dillinger’s for the super buzz and amazing brunch at the weekend. A proper classic American burger with all the trimmings that will leave you in a food coma.


1. Bunsen

It couldn’t really be anywhere else could it? Word on the street is that Dublin’s most sought-after burger joint are about to open their second outlet in the capital. 

Simple menu, huge focus on the beef and a proper burger that fits into your mouth and doesn’t fall apart. Could eat one of these every single day. Bonus marks for the sweet potato fries.


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