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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Cups Of Coffee To Try In Dublin In 2015


We don’t expect everybody to agree with this list of the best coffees in Dublin, because just like a pint of Guinness or the a burger everyone has their own personal favourite.

The list is totally subjective and based on nothing but my own personal opinion. What I will say though is that if I’ve never had a bad coffee in any of these places, and if you head in to any of them they’ll look after you big time.

Why not get stuck into the list and tell us what you think – but maybe not all on the same day, unless you’re prepared for serious caffeine jitters!

10. The Coffee Dispensary

Newbie to the list and a very worthy addition. Small premises and in one of the hippest parts of town. There’s no such thing as a bad cup in here.


9. Clement and Pekoe

Known for both their high end teas and their coffees. Order any of their drinks, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a seat outside in the sun among the coolest people in Dublin.


8. The Bald Barista

These guys were making good coffee in Dublin before we even knew what good coffee was. They’ve two cafés on Aungier Street, and one on Stephen’s Green right by the Luas stop. Super chilled vibes in the shop so it’s a lovely spot to sit as you enjoy your coffee.


7. Brother Hubbard

It certainly isn’t just the coffee that’s amazing in here, because they seem to feature on nearly all our lists! Brother Hubbard are a quality spot for all food and drink, but their coffee is especially good. Sneak a brownie in with it and you’ll be on cloud nine!


6. Nick’s Coffee Company

If this list was based on coffees delivered per square foot alone then this spot would be in the lead. It’s a tiny little shack with only one server that punches way above its weight!


5. Roasted Brown

Brilliant coffee, and a super inspiring room in which to sit drinking coffee and watching all the arty people going by!


4. Coffee Angel

A couple of great locations but we’re big fans of the classy design of the Pembroke Street café. Rich, deep strong coffee that is perfect every time.


3. The Fumbally

Hipster central but, boy, do they know how to make a good cup of the black stuff. The only problems you’ll have here is the popularity of the place, and having to avoid all the wonderful cakes as you order.


2. Kaph

Bustling little spot on the uber trendy Drury Street that always delivers a top notch coffee. Get a seat in the window and you’ll have some of the best people watching in Dublin.


1. 3Fe

There was never really a doubt that this spot would come in at first place.People come from all over to get a cup of the 3Fe coffee, and believe me it’s worth it. For the ultimate experience get the “Set” which is an espresso and a latte. Superb.


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