Here Are The Top 10 Ice Creams In Dublin

By emmakenneally

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We've been absolutely blessed by the gods with the cracking weather this week. 

The one thing everyone can agree on that is an absolute must in the sunshine is a good ice cream, and when it comes to that in Dublin, we're spoilt for choice. So to help you out, we've picked out the top 10 ice creams in Dublin for your pleasure. 

Now please go and fill yourselves up with as much creamy deliciousness as possible, before the weather turns again.

10. The Sweet Emporium

Located in both Skerries and on Duke Street, The Sweet Emporium is the only place outside the cinema where you can get Ben & Jerries by the scoop. This is a place to sugar overdose on ice cream, sweets, cookies, hot chocolate… Whatever Willy Wonka-style thrills you are seeking.

9. Pog

Okay this isn’t ice cream, it’s frozen yoghurt, but let's not be pedantic about it. Most people can’t taste the difference anyway and the main point is that is creamy frozen deliciousness. Like all the 'froyo' bars around LA, Pog lets you pick whatever you fancy to top yours with. It’s located on Bachelors Walk, so you can take your froyo to the boardwalk and chill out in the sun.

8. Aussie Ice Dundrum

There is only one thing that can cure the nervous breakdowns that Dundrum Shopping Centre often induces, and that's ice cream. Aussie Ice do gorgeous soft scoop ice creams that come in loads of different flavours. Just the thing to calm you down after a stressful attempt to jiggle into a pair of skinny jeans.

7. Nobo

So this isn’t an ice cream parlour, but an Irish-made dairy free ice cream that deserves a spot on the list. Nobo is made from coconut milk, so lactose intolerants, there is still a place for ice cream in your lives. We're partial to the chocolate and toasted almond flavour and also the vanilla coconut one. We like to think that because it’s healthy we’re well within our rights to have seconds, and thirds. They often pop up at the odd farmers market so keep your eyes peeled.

6. Yogism – Georges Arcade

Again, this is not ice cream, it’s frozen yoghurt but really it’s much of a muchness. We’d almost argue that Yogism froyo is healthy, but the fact that we’re allowed free reign to top it with anything we want? We usually end up smothering ours with pieces of chocolate rather than fruit. I like to think the yoghurt healthiness of it counteracts the fact it usually ends up loaded with sweets. Either way, we like it and you probably will too.

5. Cones and Co

Cones and Co has got a pretty loyal following, and for good reason, because apart from the usual delicious ice cream flavours, this is the best place for an OTT banana split in town.

4. Suso

This place makes us feel like we’re on holidays with the deep metal trays of ice cream in all sorts of colours and flavours. Suso is an Italian-style ice cream parlour on O'Connell Street and their pistachio and Crunchie flavours are the top of our hit list.

3. Gino’s

This place on Grafton Street also does crepes and I can’t walk past it without getting distracted by the smell of melted Nutella. But their salted butter caramel ice cream? We're weak for it. Gino's have other delightfully excessive flavours to choose from such as Ferrero Rocher, whisky cream and Toblerone.

2. Teddy’s

I know, I know… it’s just a Mr. Whippy ice cream at the end of the day, identical to all other 99 cones in newsagents around the country (yes it is, it really is). However, Teddy's hits the second spot for the pure nostalgia factor. Sunny days walking the Dun Laoghaire pier with an ice cream in your hand are hard to beat. And most Dubliners grew up with memories of Teddy’s, which will always make it the best ice cream for them.

1. Murphy’s

Indisputably the winner. Murphy's is proper Irish ice cream at its best. Things like caramelised brown bread ice cream and toasted oat ice cream may not get your heart racing, but they should. Their flavours are absolutely incredible and the quality is top notch. Other must try flavours are their sea salt, butterscotch and rum raisin. And the helpful staff will kind ply you with as many samples as your heart desires until you make up your mind. Please go forth immediately and eat yourself into a blissful food coma.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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