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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Places To Eat Chicken Wings In Dublin In 2016


If there’s one thing we really and truly love talking about, it’s chicken wings.

One of the most tasty, flavour-diverse and satisfying foods you can order in this city, it’s also one of the most divisive topics – our list last year saw some serious barneys kicking off in the comments.

But nonetheless, it’s time to stick our necks on the line again, and answer the big questions of the Dublin

10th: Camden Rotisserie

Dedicated to chicken – so what else would you expect other than quality?


9th: Riba

Welcome to the gang, Riba: your inclusion is as worthy as your wings are messy.

And delicious.


8th: The Harbourmaster

For those who favour the dry, crispy approach rather than wings that swim in sauce.

People who work down in the IFSC will have known about this little secret for some time now, and it just seems to get better and better with time. So up the list they pop.


7th: Herbstreet

Perfect little spot in the Grand Canal Dock area, that’s well worth the trek.


6th: Just Wing It

When you name yourself after a particular dish, you’re setting the bar fairly high for yourself. 

Thankfully, though, these guys deliver every time – and we grow to appreciate them more and more as time goes by. One of the few places on here to offer a whole range of options within their wing selection, and well worth the trip out to Tallaght.


5th: Canal Bank Cafe

Sister restaurant to TriBeCa, so you can expect good things. Perfect proximity to O’Brien’s – one of Dublin’s best pubs – and nothing beats a visit in here after a post-work pint on a sunny Thursday.


4th: Elephant And Castle

The old dependable – the name in Dublin that’s synonymous with all things wings.

Not remarkable. But damn solid.


3rd: TriBeCa

SHOCKER! The champion has been dethroned.

After Elephant & Castle, this is probably the single venue in Dublin most closely associated with this dish – in fact, you can smell the things as you come in the door, and think of little else while you sit there waiting for your order to arrive. 

And we assure you: this move from the top of the list does not mean that their quality has decreased. Just that the competition has upped its game…


2nd: Farmer Brown’s

In retrospect, it was criminal of us to leave this place off last year’s list.

Now open in Rathmines, as well as their original premises on Bath Avenue, the wonderful team here really know how to nail casual dining – and their wings are a standout item on a menu that will leave you overwhelmed with choice.


1st: Blue Bar Skerries

A new ruler has been declared! We wrote recently about this place, and to be fair we called it with very little room left for ambiguity – these are the best in Dublin. 

And now, it’s official: they’ve topped the list, and we can proudly assert that they are 100% worth the trip north. Get on it.


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