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20th Dec 2016

The Top 15 Most-Read Articles On Lovin Dublin During 2015


It’s been an incredible year for us at Lovin Dublin – we’ve grown in just about every way imaginable, and to say we’re stoked for 2016 would be an understatement.

And naturally, we couldn’t do that without you, our beloved readers!

But before we plough ahead, we wanted to take a look back at the year just gone – and pick out the articles that resonated the most with you guys.

15. The terrible threesome

Well. This sure got you guys talking. If we didn’t know just how much of a national institution the humble 3-in-1 is, we sure do now.

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14. The Wild Westbury

We all get incensed by paying massive prices for mediocre product – so it was no surprise to see this shooting up the charts. We subsequently reviewed said breakfast here, and the results… well, they weren’t pretty.

READ: And Now, The €25 Full Irish With The €5.40 Americano – What The Hell Is Going On, Dublin?


13. Catching the worm

If you hate paying massive prices for middling produce, then it follows that you love paying tiny prices for amazing produce. And here are 10 places where you can do just that.

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12. The ugly side

The morning after the night before, we had a few things to say about the way our city fell to pieces on Halloween night. It wasn’t pretty – and it seemed we weren’t the only ones to think so.

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11. Love triumphs

Amidst the madness of the marriage equality vote earlier in the year, we ran a competition to give away a whopper prize – a wedding in the super Meeting House in Temple Bar. Entrants regaled us with tales of how they first met, and the result was this lovely little piece.

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10. Schadenfreude on the Shelbourne Road

Unlucky. But so very deserved.

READ: Watch As This Impatient Driver Gets Proper Justice


9. Meat in a bap

You can’t bate a burger – and you certainly can’t bate these burgers.

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8. The Late Late Show

Because you’re fed up of mingling with kiddies, or packing into rammed-out clubs, our list of best late bars for the more seasoned socialiser was unsurprisingly a big hit.

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7. Nineties nostalgia

It’s all about the City Imp.

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6. Playing it safe

Admittedly, on writing this piece, there was a slight niggling fear that it would be interpreted by as a patronising guide full of things people already knew. Instead, it spread like wildfire – a testament to the campaign’s willingness to get absolutely everything right, and not waste one single vote.

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5. The Rebels have their say

We ran a series of these articles – Galway, Naas, Waterford, Bray and Tipp all had their chances to stake their claims, and there’ll be even more in 2016 – but this edition made the biggest splash of all. Who knew Cork people liked to talk about themselves, eh?

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4. Cool story, bud

Ah yeah. Deadly.

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3. Winging it

In the year of the burrito, it might be surprising that this old staple formed the basis of our most popular Top 10. But there you go; the Wing is King.

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2. Aren’t we lovely

What more can you say, really? Released the week of St Patrick’s Day, this piece exploded all over the world – but not quite so much as our top entry…

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1. The Hollywood hero

Yup. This video, narrated by Liam Neeson, went absolutely global – capitalising on the international feelgood factor towards Ireland, and making us very proud of our own role in spreading the message all over the world.

Good work, people…

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