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20th Dec 2016

The Top Ten Fish & Chip Shops In Dublin in 2015


There’s nothing more alluring than a bag of crispy chips smothered with salt and battered cod drenched in vinegar – it’s happiness in a bag!

Over the past few years Ireland has been exploring a plethora of other cuisines, but the good ol’ chipper remains number one for a lot of Dubliners.

The love for Dublin chippers is ingrained in us, and it has been since we were whipper-snappers. We decided to pull together a list of the 10 best chippers in Dublin, and while we know this is going to create a lot of debate, we think we’ve picked the right ten. Enjoy!

10. Roma, Rathfarnam

Roma is well known for having the best chips in Dublin 14, bags of their thick-cut chips have the perfect balance of crispy ones as well as lovely vinegary squishy chips. The batter on the fish is always deliciously crispy and the cod is unbelievably fresh, but their generous servings and friendly staff are what keep us coming back for more!


9. The Golden Chip, Phibsboro

The Golden Chip is located just a little outside town in Phibsboro and it’s the perfect spot for a big of grum after a walk along the Royal Canal. Their chips are thick cut and are just the right amount of greasy without being too dry, and they always throw in an extra scoop which is an added bonus!


8. Cassonis, Bray

Cassoni’s serve generous portions of their famously fresh cod pieces, the batter is crunchy and not overly-salted. Their chips and fluffy and soft on the inside. Not only is the food is Cassoni’s great, after you purchase your cod and chips you can eat it while taking in the lovely views of Bray.


7. Macari’s, Glasnevin

Macari’s is a traditional Italian family-run chipper where the food is always fresh. The cod comes with a thick batter which is nice and crispy, and the chips are always perfectly crispy.


6. Borza, Walkinstown

Borza in Walkinstown go by the name; The Original Borza. The staff in here are super friendly and their battered cod is one of the best in Dublin. When biting into it, it crunches and then the fish literally melts in your mouth – and their chips aren’t half bad either!


5. Beshoff, O’Connell Street

Beshoff is known for it’s incredible fresh fish and seriously chunky chips. Cooked to perfection with lovely, speedy staff. They also offer a gluten free fish and chips option which has pleased the mass of Dublin-based coeliacs.


4. Libero’s, Deansgrange

Libero’s serve perfectly cooked chips and extra crispy fish, with great service and staff. Their generosity in terms of salt and vinegar knows no bounds, so if you say ‘yes, lots please!’ prepare yourself.


3. Cervi, Drury Street

Cervi is an extension of Super Mis Sue and their fish and chips really pack a punch. Almost like a posh chipper, their chips are the stuff dreams are made of – they come in an enormous bag and they’re worth every penny.


2. Marco’s, Liffey Street

Marcos is located in the Epicurean Food Hall and they serve some rockin’ fish, with exceptionally light batter and perfectly-cooked fish. A bag of Marcos fish and chips is a little bag of hot happiness, and we’re super jealous of anyone whose offices are nearby!


1. Leo Burdocks, Christchurch

Leo Burdocks is simply the best – their chips are enormous and taste exceptional, their fish is fresh and you get a humongous portion. The batter on their fish is sensational, and there’s always a good bit of banter with the staff while you wait! Just don’t you dare leave Burdocks without asking them to add their famous crispy bits to your order!